Hi Everyone,

I just posted the last two sections of the novel. I hope that you have been keeping up with the readings.

Any thoughts? Ideas? Questions about what I have written?

I am open for comments and critiques. I have already gotten some from my writers group, but I am always looking . . . → Read More: Finished

Still Posting

Hi Everyone,

Just to let you know I am still posting. We just crossed into the 50s for scene numbers. There are 81 total for the story. So there is still plenty left for everyone for Christmas and the New Year.

Hope you have enjoyed my story.


Inspiration – Writing

What is inspires you to write, or what generates ideas for stories?

I had and inspiration earlier this year. I was watching The Royal Shakespeare Company’s newest version of Hamlet, on Twin Cities Public Television, Patrick Stewart was playing both Hamlet’s Father and his uncle. We were in the last scene when Hamlet is . . . → Read More: Inspiration – Writing

Inspiration – General

What in general inspires you?

Some days it is the smallest thing, like seeing a flower, or seeing the sun when it has been cloudy for a few days.

Second day of my story

Well, my second scene of my story is up now.

I have also added some posts about the characters that so far. Please feel free to comment and post your thoughts on the characters, what they did to surprised you, or how they disappointed you. I will add more about them as I . . . → Read More: Second day of my story

The Agency’s Computer

The Agency has a computer that keeps track of everything the agency is doing. She holds the information about the 6 billion people and the unique 100 digit code assigned to them. She is also tracking all the other projects that the agency has a hand in. Including the experiment that Cassandra is involved in.

The Agency

The agency does not have a name, being a secret government agency. Originally designed as a program for the World Health Organization to track immunizations in third world countries, it because something else when the US Department of Homeland Security got involved. This secret agency has used nanobots in vaccines and immunizations to tag . . . → Read More: The Agency

The Boy

David’s son does not have a name; the reason is because the boy refuses to speak. He has chosen not to speak even though he is able to talk. He is upset that his playroom was taken away and changed into a bedroom for Cassandra.


Hema is David’s daughter. She likes to go out to the clubs and dance. She currently dresses in Goth.


Alex is a highly complex AI. His body is a metal frame with a skin like substance around it to fill in the shape of his body. He can change the shape and color of the skin at will. He is also very loyal to David who his always calls, sir.