The Agency’s Computer

The Agency has a computer that keeps track of everything the agency is doing. She holds the information about the 6 billion people and the unique 100 digit code assigned to them. She is also tracking all the other projects that the agency has a hand in. Including the experiment that Cassandra is involved in.

The Agency

The agency does not have a name, being a secret government agency. Originally designed as a program for the World Health Organization to track immunizations in third world countries, it because something else when the US Department of Homeland Security got involved. This secret agency has used nanobots in vaccines and immunizations to tag . . . → Read More: The Agency

The Boy

David’s son does not have a name; the reason is because the boy refuses to speak. He has chosen not to speak even though he is able to talk. He is upset that his playroom was taken away and changed into a bedroom for Cassandra.


Hema is David’s daughter. She likes to go out to the clubs and dance. She currently dresses in Goth.


Alex is a highly complex AI. His body is a metal frame with a skin like substance around it to fill in the shape of his body. He can change the shape and color of the skin at will. He is also very loyal to David who his always calls, sir.


QT is short for Quantum Technology. She is a quantum super computer that David created to watch the agency’s computer.


Cassandra is in the room when David teleported in. She is unconscious from the drugs the Agency has given her. Apparently, the agency has experimented on her without her knowledge.


David we meet first after he has just teleported into the room that Cassandra is in. He is there to rescue her. David has finally sprung into action when he learns that Cassandra might die if the agency tries to get information from Cassandra.