Without their knowledge almost everyone in the world has been marked by nanobots. These nanobots have encoded each person with their own unique code. A Quantum Super Computer can use the code to locate a person anywhere in the world.

The agency that owns the Quantum Super Computer no only tags people. The agency has their hands in many other technological projects and experiments. They have taken a woman that has seen too many of their other projects. They want to know exactly how much she knows. The only problem is that they are not sure if they can get the information from her without killing her.

David finally decides to come out of hiding and take a stand against the agency that used him. Will he be able to relieve the guilt he feels for creating the Quantum Super Computer for the agency?

Cassandra learns that without her knowledge the agency was using her in an experiment. Can she get her life back?

The agency will stop at nothing to keep their existence a secret.