“Cassandra, can I ask you about your past?” David asked. He did not know how to ask her, she might get defensive or upset. Nothing bothered David more than an upset woman. It always seemed like he could never do the right thing to cheer one up, and that just made him nervous.

“I will do my best to answer,” Cassandra replied.

“QT went in and looked at your past. I know why you lived in a number of addresses before you were eighteen, but why do you have so many addresses after that. I guess I am asking why you did not settle down and live in one place for the last eighteen years.”

“It does make me a little upset that you did a background check on me, but I can understand. You needed to make sure that I was not out to harm you or your family. As for the addresses, I am on a quest, a search for something. So, I would move and find a job and search while I was there. As long as there were leads then I stayed, once there were none I would move on.”

“You have been searching for something for eighteen years. It must be very important to you.”

“It is, I am looking for my brother, he is the only family I have left,” Cassandra said. “So, I am looking for him.”

“How did you lose you brother in the first place?”

“We woke up one morning and he was gone. Mom was frantic, the police were no help. My brother was only ten at the time. After a while mom could no longer care for the foster children, so they were taken away. That left just the two of us; mom only mourned the loss of her son. Then she was in a car accident and she died. They sent me to foster homes. I was twelve, so it was hard to find a place that would take me. I just bounced around from one place to the other. I told myself that when I was old enough I would go and look for my brother. I know I will find him and that once I found him, I would be home.”

“How do you know he is still alive? Maybe he died a long time ago.”

“I do not think so. I am sure that I would know. He is my twin so when I think about it I can feel a connection to him. So I know that he is still alive.”

David commended her courage for sticking to this search for eighteen years, that is a long time to be looking for something.

“Sir, we will be at the hospital in about ten minutes. It is time to get ready,” Alex said.

“Thank you, Alex,” David said as he pulled a small case out from a bag on the floor. David opened the case and inside were a few syringes and a vial of liquid. “Do you want to inject yourself or would you like me to do it?”