After the Blast

David opened his eyes and flexed his fingers. He slowly moved every part of his body. David blinked through the particulates in the air.

“What happened?” David asked.

No one answered him. Hema and the boy were looking at him.

“Why won’t you answer me?” David asked.

Hema turned to the boy. Alex came over and looked at David.

“Are you mad at me?” David asked.

Alex shook his head.

David started to hear a noise in his ears.

Hema bent down next to him. She had the medical kits from the car in her hands.

Hema handed one to Alex; from the markings, David knew that it would be the one Alex would need to help repair himself.

David looked at Alex, he could see all the holes in the clothing. David knew from the holes that Alex had sustained damaged, that Alex could not maintain skin color even if it became necessary.

Alex stood up and looked around.

David saw that Hema was not generating skin color either. Hema never went without skin color unless she had to.

David thought about what happened to Cassandra. Was she still alive? Did she fail to escape and was in the building still?

The thought of Cassandra still in the building made David think of QT. She had chosen to stay behind to try and stop QJU. Why, why did she have to do that? Why did she choose to try and save them?

David saw Hema’s hand waving in front of his eyes. He turned and looked at her.

“I can’t hear you,” David said.

Hema pointed to her right temple.

David nodded, “We need to get it cleaned up. We need…”

Hema turned away from David and looked up across the street.

Hema hurriedly put the items back in the medical kit. She opened the car door and threw the kit back in.

“What are you doing? What is happening?” David asked.

Hema picked up David and pushed him through the open car door.

Hema got behind the wheel of the car.

“What about the boy and Alex? What about Cassandra?”

Hema pointed out of the car and across the street.