Cassandra blinked her eyes. David’s head was on her shoulder. She could hear a noise off in the distance.

“David, wake up, David,” Cassandra whispered as she moved to separate herself from David.

David jerked up because he sensed Cassandra’s movements.

“What is it? What is going on?” David said as he rubbed his eyes.

“There is a noise, it is quiet. I can barely hear it.”

David closed his eyes for a moment. “Yes, I can hear it. I believe it is a perimeter alarm.”

“David, what does it mean if a perimeter alarm is going off?”

“It could mean a rather large animal crossed the path, or the alarm is malfunctioning,” David said sleepily.

“QT, why is a perimeter alarm going off?”

“I do not know at this point, Alex should be there in a moment,” QT responded. “He will be able to tell me if there is anything there. Like David said sometimes a deer will set off the alarm.”

“When was the last time a deer set off the alarm?”

“The last time was a few months ago.”

There were two soft pops. “That does not sound like a deer,” Cassandra said. “I think that is something else.”

“What is it?” David asked.

“It sounded like pops,” Cassandra said.

“David, we have a security breach. Alex reports that we have an unknown number of infiltrations. They have weapons. It is estimated that they will be at the house in about ten minutes at the rate that they are moving.”

“Ok, QT, get the room ready. Cassandra will need your help getting to the room. Unlock the equipment room. Tell Hema that we are moving to defense protocol. Cassandra, you need to get to the screen room, QT will direct you from there. We have a safe room that you can hide in.”

David jumped up from the couch. “If they will be here in ten minutes, then they have night vision. QT, they will have the night vision. We can temporarily blind some of them with the lights in the house.”

Hema came running into the room. She had weapons in her hands. She handed some to David.

David turned to Cassandra. “You need to go before it is to late, hurry.”

“What about you and Hema?” Cassandra asked.

“We will do what we can to stop them,” Hema said. “You need to go now, please.”

Cassandra nodded.