“Alright, now that we have gotten through this can we get back on topic?” David asked. “Cassandra are you feeling better now? I would like to talk with you about what you said earlier. You said that the pictures were of your life.”

Cassandra nodded, “Yes, QT, can you find a picture of me that is reversed? With clothes on please.”

“One moment,” QT replied.

“Ok, the pictures are all places I have lived and things that I have seen. The pictures that seem to be marked are things that I consider to be rare, or very unique. Some of them are just strange,” Cassandra said.

“Strange how?” Hema asked.

“Well, how many of you have seen a white squirrel? How many of you have seen rainbows when there is no rain? Something close to a tornado under sunny skies? Then there is the last one, a red beam going to or coming from the dark side of a waning moon.”

“It sounds like they are all anomalies,” David said.

“Yes, anomalies would be a good word to describe them.”

“So what does that mean?” Hema asked, her slender hands went to her hips.

“I am not sure, but since some of the pictures are marked then that must mean they are important. They might be a clue as to why they wanted to take me. David, you said that they believe I have information that they need. Maybe this is it.”

“But we do not even know what it is,” David said. “We do not even know how they got these pictures. Someone must have been following you.”

“That is not possible,” Cassandra said. She walked up to the screen. “See this image? It is backwards. This is a picture of me in a mirror. I doubt that anyone was in my bathroom with me.”

“Maybe it was taken from the other side of the mirror,” Alex suggested.

“I doubt it; otherwise the image would have been reversed. It was not taken from a camera in the room because then there would have been two of me. The mirror image and my backside.”

“Ok, so there is some other explanation,” David said.

“You mentioned that something about the pictures seemed strange. I know what it is.”

“Really, I am still working it out.”

“It has to do with the angles. The problem with regular cameras is that they do not see the same range that human eyes do.”

David inhaled, “Oh, God.”


“What did I miss?” Hema asked.

“The camera is inside her. That is how they were able to follow her and get all these pictures,” Alex said.

“Oh, no,” Hema said.

“My sentiments exactly,” David said.

“So what are we going to do?” QT asked.

“Well, we need to get some more information. QT, can you use the new information to help narrow the search parameters?” David asked. “We need to se if there are more files that will lead to more information.”

“I am still searching, I have not stopped,” QT said.

“Can you also call our contact at the hospital and see how soon he can see us? We need to see what they have done to her. Tell him it will be the usual payment for the hospital and the confidentiality is still in place.”