Are You Sure

“QJU, are you sure?” David asked. He looked at the screen.

“Dad, what is it?” Hema asked.

“What does it say, sir?” Alex asked.

“Yes,” David said aloud.

“Yes what?” the boy asked aloud.

“Computer QJU said ‘you’re all dead, Dave.’” David said aloud.

Physical QJU started to shake.

Cassandra reached behind her and ripped the speaker attachment from her head. Thin wisps of smoke started to rise from the body of QJU. She collapsed to the floor.

“Hema, grab QJU, the rest of us need to move, now!” David yelled.

Everyone started to run for the elevator.

The boy reached it first and pressed the button for the doors.

Cassandra reached the elevator next and she stepped in.

Hema had QJU draped over her shoulder when she entered the elevator.

A field came up around computer QJU. It was suddenly there, the lights in the room dimmed for a moment. The light from the field was only visible for a moment.

“Self destruct will commence in four minutes,” a male voice said through the building’s system.

“I estimate that it will take David and Cassandra six minutes to get outside from here,” QT said.

Cassandra saw Alex trying to pull David towards the elevator. David was reaching for Cassandra in pink.

“Sir, we need to go,” Alex said.

“No, she needs to come with us,” David said as he tugged against Alex’s grip.

“She has made her choice.”

Cassandra in pink started to take off her clothes. Her skin lightened and became transparent. She removed the wig that she was wearing.

“No!” David yelled. “You do not need to do this, we will find another way.”

The body of what used to be Cassandra in pink pushed against the field. The smell of burnt flesh and plastic started to fill the room.

“No! Please do not,” David screamed. He dropped to the floor. David started to cry.

Alex picked up David from the floor.

The body had made it through the field; there were scorch marks all over the body.

Alex got into the elevator with David.

David was still crying. “QT,” David said aloud. “You do not need to do this. You do not need to kill yourself.”

“David, you know this is the only way,” QT said to him directly. “You know that QJU needs to be stopped. You know that she plans to destroy you all. I had to go through the field, it’s the only way.”

“Three minutes to denotation,” the male voice from the building said.

“QT,” David said as tears started flowing again.

Cassandra wiped away the tears on her cheeks. She reached over and grabbed David’s hand.