Breaking Out

The door to the small room opened. The first guard stepped into the room. David in brown grabbed him and pulled him away from the door. Cassandra in pink grabbed the second guard and threw him against the wall. David in white went into the hall to stop the others from getting to far away. David in green joined David in white out in the hall.

In the room, the men were stripped of their weapons and radios. Their handcuffs were used to restrain them, all the Cassandra’s went out into the hall. There were six other men in the hall, some were knocked out and some were dazed and injured. Cassandra in blue and Cassandra in pink started to gather up the weapons. Cassandra in pink started to pull the men into the room. David in green was taking the radios and the balance of the weapons from them. Cassandra in orange just sat in the room, waiting for everyone to be ready.

Everyone was in the hallway. The weapons were distributed among them, the radios as well.

“Is everyone ready?” David asked.

“I think so,” Cassandra said.

“Now is as good a time as any,” Hema said.

“Are we ready to turn off the tracking signals?” QT asked.

“Yes, go ahead and disable our signals,” David said.

“Good luck everyone,” Cassandra said. “Be safe.”

“I’m not getting any tracking signals from anyone,” QT said. “Everything looks good here. Feel free to head out. Be aware, I’m registering guards in each direction.”

Everyone nodded.

David in green and Cassandra in blue were heading down the hallway to the right of the room they had just been in. Cassandra in pink and David in white were right behind them. They were covering the rear with the weapons that they took from the men who opened the door.

The group of two David’s and Cassandra’s slowly made their way through the hallway. David in white moved ahead of David in green and Cassandra in blue. He was going to cover the front of the group while they worked their way to the staircase.

David in white poked his head out to look down the hall. He got his answer as shots came down the hall towards him.

David in white waited for a moment then went around the corner firing down the hall, Cassandra in pink went around the corner as well.

Cassandra in blue and David in green waited. The hallway was not big enough for the four of them. Cassandra was checking on David when she saw it, just the momentary glimpse of a head, before it ducked back around the corner.

Cassandra in blue brought the gun up, ready to fire. She knelt down; she pulled David in green down with her. She motioned with her head that there was something around the corner. David in green crossed the hall to start working his way down to see what was around the corner.

Cassandra in pink came back; she dropped down next to Cassandra in blue. Cassandra in blue pointed to her head and then to the corner of the hallway that she saw the head.

Cassandra in pink nodded, she pointed to David in green and to Cassandra in blue and gestured that they should go around the corner. Cassandra in blue nodded and went around Cassandra in pink.

Cassandra in blue saw the men on the ground. David in white was checking to make sure that they were dead. The walls had streaks and splatters of red all over them.

Cassandra in blue jumped when David in green touched her.

David in white opened the door to the stairwell. He checked both up and down the staircase for anyone.

He waived at David in green and Cassandra in blue. This was where they were going to separate. David in white and Cassandra in pink were taking a different route.

Shots were fired from behind them. David in white headed off to help Cassandra in pink.

The door to the stairwell closed, the sound echoed.

David in green and Cassandra in blue started their journey in the stairwell.