Brown and Orange

David in brown and Cassandra in orange went to the left of the room they had been kept in, the opposite direction from the other Cassandra’s and David’s.

Their first priority was to get to the staircase; of course, that was a few turns away.

“I show that you’re clear all the way to the stairwell,” QT said.

David went around the corner and Cassandra followed him.

David checked around the next corner then went around it.

They could hear shots fired in the area. Cassandra and David stopped for a moment. The sounds were not getting any closer.

David inched his way down the hall. Cassandra copied his movements.

David slowly made his way to the stairwell.

He opened the door to the stairs as quietly as he could.

“…experiment is going well?” came a voice in the stairwell.

“Very well, the synthetic heart that I have been working on seems to be functioning well,” another voice in the stairwell replied.

“Wonderful, I was thinking….”

The echo of a door closing came through the stairwell.

David motioned for Cassandra to come in. David closed the door as quietly as he could to prevent any other sounds from echoing through the stairwell.

David listened again for sounds that would indicate that people were still in the stairwell.

David started down the stairs, going as fast as he could without making a sound. Cassandra kept pace with him down the stairs.

A door being opened on a different floor caused David and Cassandra to stop. They kept as still as possible until they heard the corresponding sound that said they were alone again.

They started working down the ten floors that they needed to go down to be near QJU’s physical location.