Cassandra and David were sitting in the park. The birds were gathering around them. Cassandra was tossing breadcrumbs to them.

David turned around and looked across the street. The trees partially obscured the hospital. David wondered how George was doing. The last word that he had heard was that George was in a coma. The police still had no idea who it was that broke into the lab, destroyed it and shot George. David was sure that it had been the Agency.

“QT, are you sure the Agency people are in the area? I guess I would have thought that they would have been her already,” David said through the communication device. “Just a reminder to everyone, we should all be on internal communication when talking to each other.

“Understood, sir,” Alex said.

“Right,” the boy said.

“Can people hear me?” Cassandra asked.

“I can hear you,” QT said.

“Are you sure this is going to work?” Hema asked.

“I have strong signals from everyone,” QT said. “We have prepared as much as we could. Everyone knows the plans for the building; everyone knows the routes specified for them. We have talked through everything we could think of. I’ll be monitoring everything and helping when I need to. David, I have confirmation that the Agency has detected your signals. They should be on you in a few min.”

“Alright,” David said, “Sounds like the party is getting started.”

David turned to Cassandra. “Shall we go for a walk?” David asked aloud.

Cassandra tossed the rest of the crumbs to the birds. She got up and stood next to David. Cassandra adjusted her orange colored top. David held his arm out to Cassandra. She slipped her arm around his. The fabric of David’s long brown sleeve shirt shifting from being pressed between their skin. They started walking off in the direction of the men from the Agency.

            * * * * *

Cassandra and David walked into the PO Box building. Cassandra took her time walking to the box. She shook her shoulders to fix her pink top. They needed time for the Agency to detect their signals.

Cassandra took a key out of her pocket. David was looking outside and down the street.

Cassandra opened the box; she took out the contents of the box. David handed her an envelope. Cassandra put the few pieces from the box into the envelope. She walked over to the counter.

She pulled the strip off the end of the envelope revealing the adhesive. She folded the edge and pressed it down. She handed the envelope to the young man behind the counter.

The young man behind the counter glanced at Cassandra with the envelope in her hand. He set his book down and took the envelope from her. He checked that there was an address, postage and a return address. He tossed it into the bin next to him. He went back to reading the book in his hand.

Cassandra removed a folded sheet of paper from her pocket. “I would like to close the account on the box, please.” Cassandra opened the paper and placed it on the counter.

The young man looked at the paper and punched a few keys into the computer.

“Are you sure that you would like to close the account on the box? The system shows that you’re paid through the end of the month,” the man said.

“That is fine, I’m moving tomorrow and so I would like to take care of this while I’m still here. I have already filed the change of address form with the post office.”

“Can I have the key please?” the young man said as he held out his hand.

The young man popped his chewing gum as Cassandra placed the key in his hand.

“Did you take everything out of the box?” he asked.

Cassandra nodded.

“Thank you for your business, we hope that you will choose us again if you pass this way again,” the young man said as he stared at the book.

Cassandra turned and walked through the door as David held it open. The sunlight made David’s white shirt light up.

They started walking down the main street of the small town.

“Your signals have been detected as well. The first group is on the way back to the Agency headquarters. The Agency men should be there to take you into custody in a few minutes as well,” QT said to the second group.

“Thank you,” Alex replied. “We’re ready and waiting for them.”