“David,” Cassandra said, “Is QJU like this because of Enti?”

“It most likely is, Enti is a series of formulas that allows a computer system to factor in a number of items and act more like a human.”

“How is that possible?”

“Well, it allows them to see and factor in things like emotions. They’re better at recognizing them and dealing with them,” David said, “Remember when you were in the kitchen the first day arguing with the cook robot?”

“I remember, it would not budge an inch.”

“Right, its logic was black and white. It was supposed to cook all the meals no matter what. However, Enti would allow the system to know that this is the first discussion about the rules of the house and it might make an exception this time for you. It would have sensed your frustration and would have known about where to end the discussion to prevent things from going too far.”

Cassandra got up and paced around the small room. All six of them were in the room. QJU had them put in the same room.

“Sir, I think some of the information that QJU has is a little out of date. She does not seem to know about the boy,” Alex said.

“She also does not know that Darla is gone,” QT said.

“That might work to our advantage,” Cassandra said.

“How so?” Hema asked.

“Well, Darla was killed by the Agency the last time they attacked, right?”

“Yes,” David said.

“How do you think QJU would react if she finds out that she is responsible for the death of her sister?”

“I see. That might prove interesting,” David said, “It might take some work; she might think that it was not her because she did not pull the trigger.”

“She sent them,” the boy said.

“Right,” David said.

 David in green and Cassandra in blue were sitting so that when the door opened that they would be behind the door.

 Cassandra in pink and David in white would be the first ones you see when the door to the room was opened.

 Cassandra in orange and David in brown were in between the other two groups.

 “David, what is the plan now that we have two QJU’s instead of one?” QT asked.

 “Well, the main computer still needs to be taken out. It would be nice to get QJU back, but she seems to far gone. Even in a physical form, I’m not sure if we will be able to get her back.”

 “David, I have motion in the hallway near you,” QT said, “I’m assuming that all plans are still in effect?”

 “Everything is still in effect,” David said, “Let us know when it will be time for us to escape.”

 “It appears that it will be a few more minutes before they will be coming and opening the door. Be ready to jump them when they open the door. Good luck everyone, come back safe.”

“Everyone, get ready to cut your tracking signals, it will render all of you invisible to the tracking portion of the system. They will still be able to track us using the cameras and regular eyes.”

Everyone nodded.

“David,” Cassandra whispered into the connection only to David, “I would like to change something about the plan.”