“David, George is calling, he is calling on video.” QT said.

“Really, that is strange. Put him on.”

George appeared on the screen. He was in a lab.

“Hello George, this is a surprise.”

“Hello, David, is anyone else in the room with you?” George asked.

“No one else is in the room with me. Why, what is wrong?”

“I have never seen anything like it. I am not even sure what I am looking at. It makes no sense.” George was looking around at every sound.

“George, what did you see?”

“The samples I took were all normal cells. The samples from her wrist were just cells and I am not sure what is going on there. There is something there in her wrist there is proof of that. I noticed that there is some electrical activity in the area.”

“The samples from what appears to be her thyroid proved to be interesting. The cells were not thyroid cells. They were her cells so the body was not rejecting them. The outside of the cells are normal, the insides were different. Each cell is storing a strand of information. I say information because the strands are very long and curled up inside. The nanobots are going into the cells and adding on to the strand that is inside. “

“So it is data storage, storage of what?” David asked.

“That is what I am not sure of; I do not know how to read the information, much less how someone would get the information from it without removing it.”

“There must be some semblance of order.”

“There is, as far as I can tell it is a bio storage device, a kind of bio computer. I found some nanobots that do not appear to be doing anything. They seem like they would be the gate keepers of the data,” George said.

“So, the data goes in but there is no visible way to access it, to get it out.”

“That is what it looks like.”

“David, I am sorry to interrupt, but George would you say the only way to get the information out would be via surgery?” QT asked.

“It would appear that way,” George replied.

“What are you thinking QT?” David asked.

“There is something in Cassandra’s medical file. She does not do well with anesthesia. She stopped breathing the last time. She also throws up. If they needed to put her under to get the information out of her body, then they had to assume that there could be a chance that she would die on the table.”

“Let me show you something else. Remember the two dark spots I pointed out? The one at the base of the neck and the one at the heart?” George asked.

“I do remember you did not know what it was. You were going to look at what it might be,” David said.

 “I did, it is far more interesting, both are similar in their use. It is quite ingenious.”

The screen change from the image of George, to a split image of both dark spots from Cassandra’s body.

“Ok, when we put things into the body, like a defibrillator it is electronic. Electronic items need power, right?”

“Yes,” David responded.

“So, then either part of it needs to be outside of the body or there needs to be someway for the battery to be changed. What if there was no need for a battery, because the power is coming from the body itself?”

David’s eyes widened. “So, both of the spots are chargers?”

“Yes, it is using the electrical charges in the body, the electrical pulses from the heart and all the nerve traffic. Small amounts of the energy are collected for use by both of the areas.”

David thought about that for a moment, “Are you sure about that?”

“Yes, it took a bit, but in the pictures that we took you can trace the lines to both the bio computer and the item in her wrist.”

“The item is a burst computer; QT found some plans for it. The plan looks a little different than the shape I saw on the screen, but I am pretty sure that is what it is.”

“A burst computer? What is it sending?” George asked.

“It is sending images taken from Cassandra’s eyes.”

“Really? I did not think that they were that far along.”

“That far along with what?” David asked.

“Who are you? How did you get in here?” George asked.

“George, what is it? What is going on?”

“What are you doing?” George yelled. “Stop that!”

There was the sound of glass breaking, things crashing to the floor.

“George!” David yelled.

“No, do not, please do not!” George screamed.

There was a muffled sound followed by another.

Dial tone.