Cold War

“You’re probably all wondering why I have gathered you all here,” QT said. “I have discovered some important information and I thought I should share it with you all at one time. I know that you currently do not want to all be in one room, but this is important enough that you need to put it all aside for now.”

David was pacing the floor; he kept mumbling about things that he needed to do and that this was a waste of his time. Alex and Hema were just leaning against the wall by the door.

Cassandra was on the backside of the table facing the screen. The boy was hiding under the table. He ducked under the table when David had walked into the room.

“Cassandra, David has been suspicious of you ever since he rescued you. Part of it’s that he has not been around a woman in a long time. I think the other part is that David has been paranoid about the agency. He has been toying with the thought that you might in some way be a plant or spy for the Agency.”

Cassandra looked at David.

“That is true. I have been concerned with that. Even the thought that you might be who you say you’re, does not mean that the Agency is not using you to get at me,” David said.

“He is also upset because everyone other than himself seems to have sided with you. We partially feel that it’s an emotional response,” Hema said.

“He has not been fully consistent with how he responded to it. He ranges from thinking that you’re totally on the side of the Agency to thinking that you’re just a normal person,” QT said.

“He has acted like a normal person at times and he has admitted that there’s some attraction. I can say that there’s some attraction on my end as well,” Cassandra said.

“Cassandra, David was suspicious enough that he had George run a DNAprint on you,” QT said.

“And I was right to do it. You have a relative in the Agency, they’re using you,” David said.

Cassandra looked confused.

“There’s a match with someone at the Agency that is true. I just finished unlocking who it’s. I now know the identity of the relative at the Agency.”

“So, who’s the person that got Cassandra into working for the Agency?” David asked.

“I’m not working for the Agency,” Cassandra said.

“You should quit lying and tell me how you’re giving information to the Agency.”

“I’m not giving them any information!” Cassandra yelled.

“Fine, QT, prove to everyone that I’m right,” David said.

“David, what happens if you’re proven wrong?” Cassandra asked.

“I’m not wrong,” David said.

“Cassandra, did you bring the items I asked for?” QT asked.

“I did,” Cassandra replied.

“All right then,” QT said. The doors locked. “Now all of you need to listen and stay calm.”

“What are you going on about? Just tell us already,” David said.

“Fine, David, the person that Cassandra is related to at the Agency is you.”

“See I told…What! What are you talking about?”

“Cassandra is your sister,” QT said. “You knew that she was looking for her brother. You did not bother to look at the items that she has. Cassandra, take out the pictures you have.”

Cassandra opened the box that she had brought; it contained all the items that belonged to her brother. She spread all the pictures out on the table.

“David, take a look at the pictures,” QT said.

Cassandra put pictures up on the screen. Cassandra had not seen these.

“QT, how did you get some other photos of my brother? He looks a little older than the last pictures that I have.”

“QJU had them, I found them among the pictures when I learned that David was your brother,” QT said.

“I do not need this right now,” David said. He went over to the door. The door would not open. “QT, unlock the door.”

“No, David. You need to see all the facts. Cassandra is your sister. Cassandra believes it.”

“It’s not possible,” David said.

“It’s, David. We have all the proof right here,” QT said.

“Sir, what is the name of the new math you created?” Alex asked.

“They called it Kenotic,” David replied.

“Ok, what is the name you wanted to give it, sir?”

“I wanted to call it Enti.”

Alex pushed away from the wall. He walked over to the table. He picked up the stack of papers.

“I have not seen this in quite a while. I remember you working on it for a long time. Do you remember this?” Alex flipped open the stack of papers. He held it in front of David. “Your life’s work; you spent months drafting up this paper for presentation.”

David looked at the papers. “Where did you find this?”

“The boy gave the papers to me,” Cassandra said. “He saw what was written in the notebooks that belonged to my brother. He said it was Enti. Later he brought those papers to me.”

“I have matched the notebook images to that of Enti and Kenotic,” QT said.

“So you all knew this ahead of time and sprung this on me?” David said.

“No, none of us knew this beforehand. All I had was my pieces. This is just as much of a shock to me as it’s to you,” Cassandra said.

“Really, you do not seem to be in shock,” David said.

“Are you alright? Are you sorry?”

“I’m not sure what I’m,” David said. “QT, unlock the door please.”

QT unlocked the door. David went out into the hallway.