Cassandra was collecting all the items that were here with her, that related to her brother. There were some more pictures, the two notebooks that held his secret project and other various items that were his. She did not know what QT would need for her search, so Cassandra thought that she would grab everything she had.

Cassandra opened the closet, “Oh! Hello again. You startled me. I see you found your friend, I am glad. People should not be alone.”

The boy cowered, clutching the robot closer to him. He tried to tuck himself as far into the corner as he could.

“As I said, you can play in here when I am not here. I will be gone in a moment. I just came to get all the items that are related to my brother. QT is going to try and help me find him. So you can go back to playing if you would like.”

Cassandra grabbed a box off the top shelf of the closet.

“I am going to be in the screen room with QT, if you would like to come along. You can see what she is going to do for me. I am not even sure what she is going to do. It might be exciting; it will at least be an adventure.”

Cassandra put the box on the bed and opened the lid. She checked the contents of the box.

She did not see the curious boy looking out of the closet watching her.

“Good, everything is here,” Cassandra said as she put the lid back on the box.

“Like I said, you and your friend have fun. I will be in the screen room if both of you would like to come and join me.”