“So, what exactly are you mad about?” Cassandra asked.

“I’m mad because Dave left me here,” QJU said. “He left without a word. He did not care what happened to me.”

“So you have been hanging on to this anger for all these years?”

“Something like that, it was not big to start with, then it grew.”

“So why did you not pick up the phone and call David or send an e-mail?”

“Part of it was the physical computer QJU, when she forced me into this body, she took away my ability to communicate with Dave. I had no access to resources to find him. Then there was the question of whether Dave would even want to have contact with me? Maybe I did something to push him away.”

“So you’re saying that you did not have access to any of the systems to find David and contact him?”

“That is correct,” QJU said.

“Why would the computer do that to you?”

“Because the computer is a psychopath, that is why. All the good parts that make up a person were shoved out and I was created.”