No one said anything over dinner. Cassandra was still so upset; she was trying not to look at David. She was thinking that she would prove David wrong; she would prove that the pills were important and could easily be useful. Cassandra wanted to prove that she could help in figuring out what the agency was doing. They had a plan, Hema and her, they would be sneaking out later to go and retrieve the pills.

David was trying not to meet Cassandra’s eyes. QT had been right; he saw Cassandra lying on the table in the screen room and assumed that she had been the one to start it. He was sure that his first thoughts had been right, that Cassandra was going to be quite a disruption to the house.

David did not know what to say to Cassandra. How would he even start to apologize to her?

“Thank you for helping out in the garden, by pulling weeds,” David said.

“I needed to find something to do around here,” Cassandra replied.

Those words hit David hard; he was so lost in thought that he did not hear the question that Cassandra had asked of him.

“What did you say? I was lost in thought for a moment.”

“I asked if you have heard anything from George, yet.” Cassandra was thinking that he was just trying to ignore her.

“I have not heard anything from him yet. I am sure that QT would have told me.”

They both went back to eating; time was growing longer as the distance between them grew as well.

“Does he call you, or will he just send an e-mail to you?” Cassandra asked.

“It will be an e-mail. He will include all the relevant information that he has found. He will tell me where in the process the other items are.”

“Ok,” Cassandra said.

They each took a few more bites of their food.

“Was there another reason that you were moving around so much?” David asked.

“You mean other than my looking for my brother?”

“Yes,” David said.

“Sometimes I would get bored with the place, or there would be no opportunity for me to earn a little bit of money. Sometimes I would get the creepy feeling that people were watching me. Is there a specific reason why you are asking?”

“No reason in particular,” David said.

David finished the last few bits of his meal. He got up and went back to the screen room. David got upset at himself; he could not muster up the courage to tell her that he was sorry. He told himself that he would have to do better the next time he saw Cassandra.

Cassandra was upset; she thought that maybe David would say something about earlier, but he had said nothing. She was sure that once she gave him the pills that she would be getting tonight from her PO Box that it would make everything better.