The sky was filled with stars; Cassandra had not seen so many stars in a long time. They were so bright against the very black sky. Normally all the light from the city would limit the ability to see them.

“It is beautiful, isn’t it,” David said as he came up next to Cassandra. He looked up as well. He realized that it had been quite a while since he had stopped to take a look. “That is one of the perks of being in a nature preserve, there is no light pollution.”

“It is breathtaking. I suppose in another hour or two the Milky Way will be visible.”

“Hopefully it will still be up when we get back. I have not seen it in a long time.”

They both looked at the sky for a few more moments.

“Are you ready to go?” David asked as he turned to look at Cassandra.

Cassandra turned to him and smiled, “Yep, let’s go get this figured out.”

David wondered again if she was something that she was not. He nodded and walked over to the garage. Cassandra looked back up for a moment longer, then followed him.

Alex was waiting for her. He was holding the door to the car for her.

“Thank you, Alex,” Cassandra said.

“No problem, ma’am,” he said as he closed the door behind her.

Cassandra adjusted herself on the seat. David was looking kind of bored. Alex pulled out from the garage. Once he cleared the garage, he started to pick up speed. The trees were going by so fast that it was making Cassandra sick just to watch.

“It is better if you do not watch the closer items. In a few minutes we will be out of the wooded area. Then you can watch things that are much further away. We could switch places and you will be able to look at the lights around the lake. It is almost as beautiful as the stars,” David said to her.

“How can Alex drive, much less be going as fast as he is? I know theyS have been working on cars that can drive themselves. I think the nanopaint will help with that. It was a genius idea. The nanobots identify the item, white and yellow lines, cones, barrels which help the car judge distance.”

“Yes, I thought it was an interesting idea as well. It is sort of an extrapolation of the car’s ability to direct itself using cruise control or the parallel parking feature.”

“Good point, I had not thought that about those features that all cars have now. I know that they have made advancements in cars that drive themselves. Then there is the new thing, where you sync up to a rig and the rig takes over driving the car for you.”

“Yes, there is that. Alex can drive because he learned on his own. He learned just like a human would. He learned to walk and talk. Then he learned to drive, he has the ability to see in the dark and that is what allows him to drive so fast, even now in the dark.”

“Sir, the lake will be in view soon,” Alex said.

“Thank you, Alex,” David replied. “Did you want to see the lake? We can switch if you would like.”

“Is it really remarkable?”

David smiled, “Yes, it is.”