Emergency Room

There was a strange, bald man at the end of the bed. He was looking out and watching the people going by.

A chair scraped across the floor.

The bald man turned around, his face was unknown.

“You’re awake,” the boy said aloud.

Cassandra turned her head; the boy was standing on the other side of the bed.

He was jumping up and down.

Cassandra could only smile.

“Cassandra,” Alex said, “How are you feeling?”

Cassandra looked over at the bald man. He looked puzzled.

“Cassandra, can you hear me?” Alex asked.

“I can hear you,” Cassandra replied.

Alex smiled.

“You look strange.”

“Well, I can’t look like David. They might confuse me for him. We cut the boy’s hair and he changed his face so that he would not be confused for David either.”

“Where are we? Is everyone else ok?” Cassandra asked.

“We’re currently at the hospital. David needed some stitches for the cut on his head. Both of you have had tests done and there does not appear to be any head trauma. Hema and I have a number of bullet holes between us, but we have not sustained any major damage.”

Cassandra turned to the boy. “How about you? Are you doing well?”

“No problems,” the boy said.

“We’re all curious as to how you got out,” David said.

Cassandra looked up to see David and Hema at the end of the bed.

Alex moved out of the way as David came up next to Cassandra.

David leaned over Cassandra. “I thought that I had lost you,” David whispered to her.

“I was not sure I was going to make it,” Cassandra said. “Is the guard alright?”

Hema nodded. “He is quite shaken, but physically he is fine.”

“Good,” Cassandra said. She sighed and relaxed.

“So you all want to know what happened to me, hum?” Cassandra asked.

“If you’re not ready to tell us, then you do not have to,” David said as he put his hand on her shoulder.

“It’s alright, I can tell you.”