Cassandra had the box out again, the box that had the collection of items from her brother in it. She wished that she could understand what her brother was thinking when he left.

She wondered if her brother had ever thought about her. Did he wonder where she was? Was he trying to find her?

“QT, do you have any information for me yet?” Cassandra asked, “About my brother?”

“I do not have anything yet. I have only been able to work on it a little. My first priority is for the information from the Agency.”

“I understand,” Cassandra replied. She once again turned her attention to the last photo of her brother.

The door to her room opened. Cassandra glanced away from the photo for a moment to see who it was. The boy walked into the room. The toy robot was in his hand. For a moment, Cassandra flashed back to her brother, and then the image was gone.

“Hello,” Cassandra said.

The boy just smiled. He had not said anything except the one word a few hours ago. Not long after that word Hema came and needed his help. Then she was going to be working on repairs in the reading room/den, so she needed to kick them out.

Cassandra had just gotten back in from being outside in the garden. The bedroom was cooler.

“I was just looking at the things that belonged to my brother, the things that QT scanned up for me.”

The boy crawled on to the bed with Cassandra.

“This is the last picture I have of my brother, a few days later he disappeared. You have seen this photo. QT had on the screen. I made the comment that the toy robot could be related to the one in the photo.”

The boy nodded. The boy lifted his head and looked into the box.

“Something you see in there?” Cassandra asked. Cassandra reached in and pulled out the rest of the items in the box. She laid them out. “Which items were you looking at?”

The boy pointed to the notebooks. Cassandra pulled them out of the stack of items.

“These are some of the notebooks that my brother wrote in. There were many notebooks. I only managed to get these two. I do not know what happened to the other ones. They might all still be in his hiding place, it was a super secret hiding place.”

Cassandra opened one of the notebooks. “I look at these pages, with their numbers and symbols and they do not mean anything to me. I am not even sure if it means anything,” Cassandra said as she turned the page. She looked at the symbols; the boy looked at the page as well.

QT interrupted, “Cassandra, I have been thinking about what you said about the jokes. I have some new ones that I would like to try on you.”

Cassandra was not sure if this would go well or not. “Sure, why not.”

The boy turned to the next page in the notebook.

“Why do female atoms have trouble falling in love?” QT asked.

Cassandra thought for a moment. “I have no idea.”

The boy turned another page.

“Female atoms have trouble falling in love because a good manganese is hard to find.”

Another page turned.

“That is better.”

The boy started to turn the pages faster.

“Ok, here is the next one. Why did manganese answer the phone?”

“Why did he answer the phone?”

“Because the Californium,” QT said.

Cassandra smirked. “That was not too bad.”

The boy closed the notebook. He had finished looking at all the pages in it.

“Do you know what a quark is?” QT asked.

The boy opened the next notebook.

“No,” Cassandra answered.

The boy turned the pages in the second notebook.

“Well the quark is on you.”

“This one I do not fully understand. They are getting better though.”

“Thank you, I will keep working on it,” QT said.

The boy finished the second notebook. He went back to the first notebook. He opened it in the middle. He was looking at the page again.

Cassandra looked at the page with the boy.

The boy pointed to the page, “Enti.”

“Enti, is that the symbol?” Cassandra asked.

The boy shook his head. He closed the notebook and he grabbed the second notebook.

The boy held both notebooks together. “Enti,” the boy said again.

“The whole thing is Enti?”

The boy nodded.

“Enti, what does that mean? It does not mean anything to me.”

“Enti,” the boy said.

“QT, can you help here? Does Enti mean anything to you?” Cassandra asked.

“Enti,” QT said. “A Finnish verb, the third-person singular indicative past form of entää. Meaning: to fly, as in to move in air or quickly.

The boy shook his head.

“I do not think that is it.”

“Ok, an Italian noun, the plural form of ente. Meaning: corporation, body or being,” QT said.

“I still do not think that is it, either.”

“All right the last one is Latin. Enti is the dative singular of ens, meaning thing or being.”

“No,” the boy said. The boy got up from the bed; he grabbed his toy robot and ran off.”

“I will add that to the list of things that I need to look into,” QT said.