The lights flickered again.

I stepped out onto the main level. No one else was in sight.

“Thirty seconds till denotation,” the building voice said.

I figured that I would not be able to cross the length of the building in those thirty seconds. I tried to think of a way that I would be able to get out or get under some cover. I was not sure if the building would be collapsing or not. Even with the explosion all those levels down I was not sure how far up it would go.

I looked for an open door that would give me access to the windows. I tried a few doors before I found one that would open.

It was a conference room. There was a whole wall of windows.

I realized that it had been longer than thirty seconds. I heard the voice doing the countdown speaking slowly. It was all drawn out like when you slow down the speed on a record.

When I was inside the conference room, I grabbed a chair and threw it at the window. The chair hit the window and dropped to the floor. The window was plastic.

I grabbed the gun and started shooting the window. I managed to make a hole that I could fit through.

I had just gotten myself through the window when I was thrown back from the building.

I hit something soft and then everything went dark.