Fine Needle Aspiration

Cassandra was still on her back. This time it was in a dark room with one light and an ultrasound machine. She had a pillow under her shoulders, her head tilted back. The cold jell had been applied to her throat, and George had found a decent spot.

“Are you sure that you need to do a fine needle aspiration?” Cassandra asked. “I would really rather not do this again.” The tears were pooling at the inside corners or her eyes. With her head tipped back there was no place for them to run to.

“I need samples in both locations,” George said.

“I do not want the pain again. It grows exponentially worse with each successive prick. The fourth was really bad. I barely made it through.”

“I would hold your hand, but I will need both.”

“I will do it,” Alex said.

George and David both looked at him.

Alex moved next to Cassandra. He held his hand out to her. She reached out to him.

“Ok, Cassandra it is time to swallow. Then hold your breath while I insert the needle. Remember you can breathe again once the needle is in, but you can’t swallow. You also remember that I will be jiggling the needle to scrape off some of the cells right?”

Cassandra nodded as she griped Alex’s hand, the tears pooling faster.