Cassandra was staring out into the dark. David had not said a word since they were with George. It had been a fairly quiet ride home so far.

“David, how come George knows about the Agency, tracking and the nanobots?” Cassandra asked.

“He used to work for them. He has not said anything about the Agency to anyone so he is still alive. If he says anything to anyone, then the Agency will kill him. That is how they stay a secret.”

“So he should be dead for talking to you about it?”

“If it is not recoded, then it there is no record. There is no way for them to find out.”

“You are not afraid that he might tell the Agency that we came to see him.”

“No, because they would kill him regardless.”

“You are so sure of this, are you?” Cassandra asked.

“Yes, everyone that has written anything about the agency dies in a day or two.”

“So that would lead people to think it was the Agency.”

“No, not if they do not seem to be related. The person dies in a car accident. They die from playing a video game for forty eight hours straight. They get in trouble with a major corporation and have to shut down the site. They go to jail for tax evasion. A government agency steps in and shuts them down. There are so many ways that it can all seem unrelated, unless you know what you are looking for. Even the people that have worked for them in the past, if they seem like they will be uttering a word about the Agency then they will meet some tragic type of ending.”

“So they all end up dead?”

“Not necessarily, one man lost his wife, house and fortune all in the matter of about a week. Another was kicked out of his company for fraud; they made it so that he lost all of his reputation.”

Cassandra mulled it around in her head for a while. The Agency would kill her too if she tried to talk about what they did to her.

“What if we had all the proof when we published it? They would not be able to deny that, right? They would not be able to come after us because it would look suspicious.” Cassandra said.

“Did you think about the fact that you have nanobots inside you? Did you consider that they might be able to send them a signal to kill you?”

Cassandra closed her mouth; she did not know that it was possible for them to do that. She started to cry, it was the silent kind.

David slid over on the seat next to her. Cassandra was glad that it was dark out. He would not have been able to see in the reflection of the glass that she was crying. David put his arms around her.

“I am sorry that you got thrown into the middle of this. If it weren’t for you though, I would still be sitting on the sidelines. I watched all the correspondence indicating that they were following you; I knew when they took you. I only stepped in when they thought you might die when they tried to get the information from you. I know it will sound funny, but thank you for getting me off my ass.”

Cassandra did not know what to say to that. She continued to stare out the window with David’s arms wrapped around her.