Getting Out

The elevator doors opened. The guard in the corner was crying.

 Cassandra gestured to the guard, “Pick him up; we will take him out with us.” the boy walked over to the guard on the floor.

 The guard started screaming.

The boy managed to get a hold on the guard despite the squirming.

Alex carrying David and Hema carrying QJU’s physical body had already made it to the nearest staircase. The boy started running with the guard still screaming.

Cassandra started running as well.

The machines were going up the stairs with rapid speed.

“You will all need to hurry,” QT said. “I’ll only be able to slow the system for a short period. Analysis shows that QJU is the only one able to control the detonation; I’ll do what I can to slow the countdown, to give you more time to get out.”

“Two minutes until denotation,” the male voice said over the speaker system.

The lights in the stairwell flickered.

“Thank you, QT,” Cassandra said. “Good luck.” Cassandra started to take the stairs two at a time. She heard a door above her open. She could not see anyone in front of her. She focused on getting up the stairs.

The lights flickered again.

Cassandra stepped out onto the main level. No one else was in sight.

“Thirty seconds till denotation,” the voice said.