Going Down

Cassandra in orange and David in brown opened the door to the lowest level of the staircase. David peaked out to check the hallway. So far, it was clear.

Shots could be heard from somewhere else on the floor.

David came out into the hallway and Cassandra stepped into the hall from the stairwell.

“Dave, we could do wonderful things together,” QJU said. “If only you would join me.”

David knew the way like the back of his hand. He turned a few more corners. David slid down the hall, his back to the wall and peaked around the corner.

He saw two men standing guard in the corridor, their backs to him.

David turned around and showed two fingers to Cassandra, she nodded. David motioned for her to swing around.

She removed her gun and set it against the wall. She turned around and walked off.

David waited for Cassandra.

“Who are you?” a guard asked. “What are you doing here?”

“Do not move,” the other guard said.

David could hear them getting ready to fire.

David shot the first guard as he came around the corner.

The second guard turned and shot in David’s direction. Cassandra came up behind him and put her arm around his throat. The guard dropped his gun in order to try and free himself.

David reached over and grabbed the badge from the guard’s belt.

David went back to retrieve the gun Cassandra had left. The body of the second guard was on the floor. David turned and tapped the badge on the door.

The door opened; David and Cassandra got into the elevator. The doors closed, and the elevator started its journey down.