Going Out

David was waiting for Hema when she walked in the door.

“Where have you been, young lady?” David asked the moment she crossed the threshold of the house. “It is early afternoon and you are just getting home.”

“Hi, dad, nice to see you too,” Hema responded. She headed towards her room.

“Are you even going to give me an answer?”

“Not, really.”

“You do remember that I said that there was no unnecessary travel. That included going out with your friends. You know that we are expecting retaliation from the Agency, right?”

“Yes, dad, I know.”

“Then why did you go out?”

“You went out with her, so why couldn’t I?”

“I was taking her to see George so that he could take a look at her and maybe figure out what the Agency did to her.”

“And that was more important than spending time with my friends?”

“Yes, it was. You knew that you were not supposed to leave, and you did.”

“So what, you are now going to decide that I need to be punished?” Hema asked. “You have never done that. You have always been so wrapped up in your world, your fear of the Agency. You have barely given any time to me these past years, much less to your son. That is why he chooses not to talk. You don’t give him any of your time, so he does not talk to you.”

“Oh, and I guess he talks to you?”

“No, but you can’t see that he wants his father.”

“What about you, attracting unwanted attention when you go out. What if your friends find out who you are?”

“My friends do not care who I am the daughter of, they like me for me.”

“You are a target when you go out, you know that.”

“Oh, yes, I forgot the Agency knows all about my existence. They want to take me and dissect me. Come on, dad, you know that there is virtually no record of me out there. You have made sure of that. Plus, I am always careful, you know that. I am not followed when I come back here. There is no one that is overly strange around me when I go out.”

“That is not the point,” David said.

“What is the point then?”

“The point is you need to be here where you are safe, like I said, if anyone finds out about you, then we will all be in trouble.”

“You think I am trouble, maybe you should spend some time with your son before you lose him,” Hema said as she walked off.

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