Hatching a Plan

Cassandra was still upset, even pulling the weeds from the garden was not helping to calm her. It would help the garden.

“What did he do now?” Hema asked. She was once again outside in her suit basking in the sun. “I am assuming that it was dad who got you so upset.”

“Yes,” Cassandra replied. “He accused me of taking up QT’s time. QT was only trying to help cheer me up. He did not even bother to find out what was going on. He also did not think that maybe it was QT’s idea to start with.”

“He does that,” Hema replied. “You should try not to take it so personally.”

“He also made it sound like all I was doing was getting in the way and causing trouble. He made it seem like I have no purpose here.”

“It might just be the paranoia talking. After the last attack about six years ago, he has been more focused on the Agency and what they are up to.”

“So, then why would he shoot down something that could help him to get more information about the Agency?” Cassandra asked.

“It is also about the risk as well. He has been off the grid and wants to limit what we do that will draw attention to us. He might have thought that the risk was not worth it.”

“I guess I do not agree, I think it is necessary that we go and get my pills. We can find out what they are putting in it since it seems like I do not need the pills.”

“Why do you think that it is important that we get your pills?” Hema asked.

“Who knows if George is going to find anything in the cells that he took from me? Even if George gives him an answer the pills might help to know what happened.”

Hema got up from the chair. She knelt down in the garden next to Cassandra.

“So, do you want to prove that the pills are something important?”

“What are you thinking?”

“I am mad at him for my own reasons, therefore, where are we going, tonight?”