Hormone Supplement

“Well, it looks like the blood tests are normal. There does not seem to be anything unusual in the blood work,” George said,” at least normally. There is a larger number of nanobots in you than there are in a person that has only been tagged. So, there is something to be said for that.”

“She might just have more right now because of the injection that is stopping them from being able to find her,” David said. “I have the same injection in me as well.”

“That was my test base to determine if she had a normal number. Her count was ten times higher than yours was with the injection in your system. That would lead me to conclude that there is something else making her levels higher.”

“So what do you think the cause is?” Cassandra asked her face tight from the pain she could still feel.

“There is for sure still something in your wrist. It appears to be more solid than the liquid in a cyst would be. Then there is the matter of your thyroid. You had it removed and yet it still is there.”

“How is that even possible? It was gone. I saw the ultrasound pictures; the labs showed that I had no hormone in my system. The radiation pill would have killed anything that was left.”

“At this point I have no explanation for why you have something that looks like a thyroid. It is a little early to know if you need the supplement even thought you have not taken any in about a week. You might not need them. We will need to check again on about six weeks.”

“If I did not need the hormone supplements, then what was I taking?” Cassandra asked.

“If we had some of the pills you had before you were taken then we could check them out,” David said.

“We could get more, but it could be risky,” Cassandra said. “I have been moving so much that I have been using a prescription service to send my meds to me. So, it might be possible to get the same pills that I would have been taking.”

“Unless the Agency is behind it all. They might switch the pills.”

“They would have shipped after they took me. They should be at my address already.”

“I am not sure if we can put the family that you were staying with in danger.”

“They are not at the place I was staying at. They are going to a PO Box a few towns over,” Cassandra said. “It would not be that hard to get. I believe that my keys are back at your place.”

“It seems too risky right now. I will have QT check into the Agency’s movements and see if they are doing anything about it. They might be watching the place. They probably know that you will need those pills eventually. They might even believe that you still think that you need the pills.”

“She might still need the pills; as I said it will be about six weeks before we know for sure. We need about six weeks before we will have an idea how much too even give her for her treatment. We can take this opportunity to fix any dosage problems.”

“Or we could just get my pills and fix it now.” Cassandra said.