“So, does anyone have any ideas on how we might get into the Agency and take care of QJU?” David asked. “At this point it is just a collection of things we could do. There are no right or wrong answers at this point. We might even need to go crazy with the ideas.”

“Are you still sure you want to go through with this, sir?” Alex asked.

David nodded, “Yes, I am still sure I want to do this. Stopping them will also make us free. We would not need to live in fear.”

“The main problem I see is getting inside, sir,” Alex said. “I am not sure if they have figured out the last trick you did. It might not work again.”

“What trick?” Cassandra asked.

Hema giggled, “He teleported into the room that you were in. The machinery was untested and he risked his life to get in there with you.”

“What?” Cassandra asked.

“I basically jumped from here into the locked room with you using a teleportation device. We had not done any testing yet on it. It just seemed the easiest way to get in and get you out at the time,” David said.

Cassandra thought about that, he had used an untested device to rescue her. “Will it work again?”

“It is hard to say. It will only work on humans, so Hema and Alex cannot use it. We would also need a tagged person in the building. I was hoping that we could go at night. That means that there will be fewer signals which we can use.”

“But it is an option.”

David nodded.

“Is your plan to get all of us into the Agency or just you and Cassandra?” Hema asked.

“I think we need to get as many of us in as possible. Approach it from different angles,” David said.

“Sir, are you still thinking that Cassandra might be a plant from the Agency?” Alex asked through a private connection directly to David.

“It all still seems mixed. Her DNAprint came back to someone at the agency, yet when attacked she did as she was told. She also protected the boy from harm. Though she might have lead them here with she when to get the pills with Hema,” David responded through the connection back specifically to Alex.

“Sir, if Cassandra is coming along we might want to implant her the way you are. That would guarantee that we will all be able to talk to each other,” Alex suggested.

“That would help,” Hema said.

Cassandra tensed. David saw Cassandra stiffen; he put it in with the other items that seemed strange to him, things that might indicate that she is a plant.

“What does that mean?” Cassandra asked.

“It means that we all have a device inside that allows us to communicate with each other and not need a device like a phone or walkie-talkie.”

Cassandra looked over at David. “I know it makes sense for Hema and Alex, but you have this device in you?”

David nodded. “Yes, it is at the base of my neck here in the back. It came in handy last night. It allowed all of us to talk to each other and know that we will not be overheard by the men in the room with us.”

“I do not do well with anesthesia.”

David nodded; he remembered that was in her medical file. “It will hurt more, but it can be done without it.” David remembered when he first got his. He had to practice turning it on and off. He had to learn how to determine which line was which. “You have your internal voice where you talk to yourself but do not speak aloud. Then the voice where you speak aloud, this is like a third voice. It is like internal thoughts except you designate them to go through the device. It takes a little bit of practice.”

“Sir, that is probably something that we would want to do sooner, rather than later,” Alex said.

“There is something else,” Cassandra said. “Alex mentioned earlier that he can look like anyone, right?”

“Yes, I can do that,” Alex replied.

“Can you do that as well, Hema?”

“That is not a problem for me either,” Hema replied. “What are you thinking?”

“I was thinking that you and Alex make yourselves look like David and I. Then we let the Agency capture you. David and I teleport in and join you in the room they are keeping you in. Then we all break out and take out the computer.”

“The only problem I see with that is that Alex and Hema do not have tracking signals,” David replied.

“They do not have tracking signals?” Cassandra was confused. “I thought that they did?”

“We are not human. Therefore, even if we go out there is no need for us to get any injection that will have the tracking nanobots inside,” Hema said.

“You were given injections after you were shot,” Cassandra said.

Alex replied, “That would have been the liquid form of the bio-skin. David would have injected it into the holes left by the bullets. It would have sealed up Hema and allowed her system to fix the internal damage and then reboot.”

“That is why you were waiting for her to wake up?” Cassandra asked.

David nodded, “There was a chance that the damage was too much. The equipment I needed to check was damaged,” David put his head down.

Cassandra reached over and touched his arm.

“If we send Alex and I in as the two of you, then they might discover it before we can do anything,” Hema said.

“QJU would destroy you if that happened,” David replied.

“That does pose a problem,” QT said.

“The other problem is how we get everyone inside. QJU will probably be expecting us. She will not allow anyone else in.”

“Are you anticipating that it will be you shutting down the computer?” Hema asked.

“I am not sure; she might not allow me next to her. When I spoke to her before I left, she was mad at me. She might even try to kill me.”

“Sir, we also do not know how large she is now. She might have moved items to protect herself. It might be impossible to shut her down.”

“David, Cassandra, dinner is ready,” QT said.

“All right, lets think about this a little longer. We can look at the building plans and devise some other ways to get in,” David said as he got up from the chair.

Cassandra sat up, the boy did not move from her lap.

“I need to get up, I have to go and eat dinner.”

The boy shook his head.

Alex came over and grabbed the boy; it was the same hold Alex had used on the boy before.

“You are being very rude,” Alex said. “I know that you were worried about her earlier, but she is fine now. You should mind your manners.”

“Alex, you can put him down,” Cassandra said. “If no one has taught him manners, then how would he know what they are?”

Alex set the boy down. Cassandra held her hand out to him. The boy came and took her hand. Cassandra and the boy walked into the house.