Cassandra was sitting in the chair, her head restrained. She was trying to meditate to keep out the pain she knew was coming. She had decided that she would go ahead and get the device put into her.

“What happens to it when I leave?” Cassandra asked.

“Leave, why would you be leaving?” David asked.

“Once this is over, there would be no reason for me to stay. You probably want to get your life back the way it was before I came into it.”

“I doubt that things will be able to go back to the way it was before. You have changed everything around here. I’m different now than I was before. I do not think that anyone would have a problem with you staying. It seems like you have become family here, at least from what I have seen. I would hope that you feel like you have a home here.”

David reached out and grabbed Cassandra’s hand. “It looks like the robot is ready to start the procedure; the robot will be able to minimize the scaring. I figure that it will take about a week to get everything ready. Therefore, by then, you should be able to control your thoughts. For a while, you will be broadcasting all your thoughts out. All right, as you know this will hurt.”

Cassandra sighed.

“How about I try some more jokes to try and distract you from what is going on?” QT asked.

“Why not, if it’s causing a problem, then we can stop with the jokes,” David replied.

“Where do atoms go when they need to sneeze?” QT asked.

David smiled, Cassandra had not seem him do that before. He always seemed like he was under a cloud.

Cassandra inhaled sharply.

“QT, I do not know where atoms go. In order to prevent Cassandra from talking why do not you pause a moment to let us think and then tell us the answer, ok.”

“All right, they go to the eleventh dimension.”

David giggled. “I like that one, but it’s not one I think the general population will understand. Cassandra looks confused.” David giggled again. “The eleventh dimension is the thought that our whole universe is on a membrane, that there are a series of membranes.”

“Ok,” Cassandra said. “I get part of it.”

“I think most of the problems with QT’s jokes are that they deal with what she knows and understands. That would be things like quantum mechanics and other sciences. Therefore, that is where she will base her jokes. Some of them might require a higher level of understanding.”

“I have figured that out already. I do agree that they’re getting better. They seem a little more thought out.”

“How does an atom quickly clean his room?”

David shrugged.

“He shoves it all into a black hole,” QT said.

“That is an interesting idea, using the concept that when people need to clean up fast that they shove everything into the closet.”

Cassandra was trying to breath through the pain. She squeezed David’s hand tighter. David stopped smiling and turned back to Cassandra. He could see the pain on her face.

“I can have her stop the jokes.” David said.

“It’s fine. It’s nice to see you smile, it’s nice to hear you laugh.”

“What kind of dance can you do and not hit anything?”

David laughed again.

“You know this one?” Cassandra asked.

“I can guess based on the wording.”

“The neutrino dance,” QT said.

David laughed.

“Next one, what upset Ursa Major and Ursa Minor?” QT asked.

“Those are constellations,” David said.

“The goldilocks planet.”

David laughed, his face started to turn red. He could not stop laughing.

“Are you going to be alright?” Cassandra asked.

David was panting, “Yes, I just need to catch my breath.”

Cassandra winced again as she could feel the device rubbing as it was placed inside her.