Internal Dialog

“Cassandra, be careful,” David said over the communication device. “QJU computer says that the QJU physical you’re with is a psychopath.”

“That is what the QJU physical with me says about QJU the computer,” Cassandra replied. “QJU physical says that she has no contact with the outside world, that QJU computer has severed the ability for her to connect.”

“That is what I heard from this end as well.”

“So who’s lying?” Hema asked.

“They might both be lying,” Alex said.

“The physical QJU did not know about Darla being killed and yet she knew that Cassandra is your sister,” QT said.

“QT, can you see if there are any reports about the attack six years ago. Can you see if there’s anything that mentions what happened at our place,” David said.

“What about me?” the boy asked. “She did not mention me.”

“That is true, physical QJU only mentioned a brother, not two,” QT said.

“We have to assume that computer QJU has heard the conversation and will be able to answer the same as physical QJU to collaborate the stories,” David said.

“Then my plan won’t work in this form. I was going to try and reason with physical QJU to convince her to stop this. I was going to bring up Darla and mention the boy. I figured if it got a reaction of guilt or sadness about Darla then we might be able to save QJU. But with the new development, I should not ask it,” Cassandra said.

“Ok, we need to change the plan, any ideas?” QT asked.