“I doubt, sir, that she will give up her keys. Even if we had her keys it would take time to find the right one,” Alex said.

“Even if we teleport me into the location where the PO Box is?” David asked.

“We do not even know the location of the place where her PO Box is, much less the number.”

“Yes, QT has been unable to get any of the information about where it might be. It sounds like it is in one of the regions that is not fully linked. It might be in a Manual or Anti region and that would make it harder to get all the information that we need.”

“You could just try asking her, sir. I am sure if you ask nicely enough that she would tell you all that you need,” Alex said.

“That is the problem, I am not sure if she can fully be trusted.”

“What has given you that idea, sir? I do not see that there is any reason for her to lie.”

“It is just that some things do not seem to add up. How do you explain that she still has a thyroid even though she says that she has had it removed? It is possible that they only cut her enough to give her a scar to make it look like she has had it removed. The Agency probably did not expect us to scan her and find it. How do you explain that she just happens to have something in her wrist in the exact same place as she had her other surgery? That might be her transmitter for the Agency. It looked about the same size as the transmitter that the Agency imbedded into me that allowed me to lock and unlock doors in the building. They might have only written the part about her dying to get me to act.”

“They do seem to all be relevant points. But even knowing what you think and what has made you suspicious I do not share your opinion.”

“You do not think so,” David said.

“No, sir, I do not agree with you. It seems like she is acting correctly when she should. She really did seem to be quite upset about having to do the fine needle aspiration. She reacted like she had been through it before. That would lead me to think that she is what she says she is.”

“It seemed a little too easy as well to take her from the Agency, if she was not a plant then why would it have been so easy.”

“It might have just been that way. They might not have given any thought that you would step in. Maybe she is the real deal and everything about her and her story are right. They might still be using her like they have been,” Alex said.

“How do you figure?”

“Well, sir, they might have used her to draw you out. Taking her and the need for information might be real but they fibbed a bit to peak your interest. They knew that you would want to know more. That you would dig deeper into the system, which means you might take a few more risks to get the information that you need to figure out what they are doing. Outside of tagging people, we had not heard about anything related to Cassandra and other experiments.”

“Ok, so what does it mean?”

“It could mean that either they know that you are tapped into the system and they have been hiding it from you. It could also mean that they have no idea that you are in the system and the lack of information might mean they are just starting up these projects,” Alex said.

“I do not think that it is new, if she is for real, then the Agency has been experimenting on her for a long time. The medical files show that the surgery on her wrist was more than ten years ago.”

“But if she is a plant like you think she might be, then her age of at the time the surgery is not relevant. This person just happens to match the description of the real Cassandra.”

“If there is a real Cassandra,” David interjected

“If there is a real one,” Alex added. “Is it possible that you are over analyzing all of this? The Agency has not made any move to find you in about six years.”

“QT said something similar to me yesterday when I was asking her if we should run a DNAprint on Cassandra when we went to see George. She said that the choice might be more of an emotional one than a logical one. It does seem to be one and it would be running a risk. It just exposes us more, but could also reap more of a benefit and help to answer your questions as to if she is a plant or not.”

“It might not help; if she is not in the system, then it could just mean that she is clean. I said I wanted a close match, if she matches someone in the Agency then it would be more likely that she was a plant.”

“You do have logical points but I think that she is really who she says she is,” Alex said.

“Who searches for her brother for eighteen years?”

“Someone who is really determined?” Alex commented.