Medical Files

David was in the screen room again. There were a number of pictures of Cassandra up on the screen.

“I found something in the medical files so I ran a wider search,” QT said.

“What did you find?”

“Well, using the social I found a number of different names, all legally changed but different names. She has had fifteen different first names and about thirty last names. She appears to have had about twenty addresses in the last ten years.”

QT produced a list of all the name combinations onto the screen. All the addresses were listed there.

“Is there any correlation with the addresses? Anything that links the addresses together?”

“Yes, there is a common thread until she was eighteen; she was living in foster homes.”

“Always? From when she was little?”

“Yes, she lived with her mother until she was ten. He mother ran a foster home as well. Then her mother died and she was sent to a different foster homes. She was then bounced around numerous home and centers.”

“Is there any chance that this is all made up? That she is a plant from the Agency to find me? We know that they have been trying to find me since I left.”

“I would not put it past them. But why would they set up this much of a background. There are even newspaper stories about her mother. It seems too elaborate to be a trick.”

“Could she just be a plant, calling herself Cassandra and using that background?” David asked.

“That is possible. Though how would you fake a scar? The medical records show that Cassandra did have two surgeries. The second was to remove her thyroid due to cancer. The information that she told you out there does match what is in her medical files.”

“That could mean that she is just good and knows everything really well.” David thought about that for a moment. “I know it would expose us, but what do you think of running a DNAprint on her?”

“I am not sure if there would be a print for her on file. What would we gain by running a print check?”

“Well, if she is a government agent then she would have a print on file, right? Even if it is restricted then it would be an answer.”

“That is one line of thinking. I am not sure if it would work. You are right; it might lead to our exposure. I do not know what to say. I think that this is one of those times where emotions are probably going to rule out over logic.”

“You mentioned another surgery, what was that for?” David asked.

“She had a cyst removed from her left wrist; that was about ten years ago.”

“Hum, what time did our contact at the hospital say that we could come?

“If we come at eleven, then we would have time to run whatever tests we need or think we need to run.