Million Plus Expenses

David and Cassandra were at the back of the hospital, a service entrance. David did not dare risk going in front of the hospital. He tried to avoid as many cameras as he could. The Agency’s computer might find him. He had spent about eighteen years trying to avoid detection. He was not about to change now, not even for Cassandra.

A shadow appeared on the loading dock. David got out of the car and held his hand out to Cassandra. She took his hand as she got out. Alex drove off once they were clear. Cassandra shivered in the wind.

“Do not worry; I have complete trust in him. Alex also will be along in a little bit. He will not let me be out of sight for to long, if he can help it,” David said.

“So Alex is also your bodyguard?” Cassandra commented.

“He chooses to do that; I have not asked him to.”

Cassandra nodded.

The shadow came down to them. It was a pudgy man with glasses. He was wearing a coat like the doctors wear; he looked like he needed more sleep. His short brown hair looked like it needed to be brushed, maybe he had been asleep right before David and Cassandra got here. The lids over his brown eyes looked heavy.

“Sorry to call you on such short notice,” David said as he met the man a few feet from Cassandra. “It is good to see you again. This is Cassandra, Cassandra this is George. He is going to be the one running some tests to help us determine what is going on.”

“Hello,” Cassandra said as she reached out to shake his hand.

“It is nice to meet you as well. Shall we go?” George turned and headed back the way he came.

The inside of the hospital was quiet, very quiet. There was hardly anyone in the hallways.

They entered an office; George checked the hallway before he closed the door.

“Alright everything seems to be clear. So what do you need me to help with? QT made it sound kind of urgent,” George said.

“Well George, we need you to locate something. Apparently, Cassandra here is taking pictures of what she sees and sending them out. Any ideas on where to start looking, what test to run first?” David asked.

“Well, that is a new one. I will see what I can do. I think we should start with a scan to see if we can find anything odd first off. Also, some blood to see if there is anything amiss with that.”

“Thank you,” Cassandra said.

“No problem, everything should be ready. Then we will take it from there.”

George turned to David and asked, “The usual payment, right?”

“Yes, one million dollars plus expenses,”

“What!” Cassandra exclaimed.

“Yes, the hospital is a non-profit so when I need specialty work that can’t be done by the robot at home I come here. I donate one million for coming in when no one else is around and only working with George. I then pay the expenses like I would have had I come for regular services.”

“How about we start by drawing some blood?” George asked.