“There’s no sign of Cassandra, sir.” Alex said. Alex had the visible parts of his skin colored.

The voice from the building slowed down, the speech slurred.

There was only a few seconds before denotation.

“Where is she?” Hema asked. Hema’s skin was back to its normal color.

“She was right behind me,” the boy said.

“She might have been right behind you, but did you forget that she is human. She would not have been able to keep up with any of you,” David said.

“I’m sorry,” the boy said. “I did not think. I was only thinking about getting out with the guard that Cassandra said to take with us.”

“Sir, we need to get down,” Alex said. “Even though the countdown has slowed it appears that QT won’t be able to stop it entirely.”

“What does it matter?” David said.

“Sir, you should not say that. Cassandra has been resourceful so far, I’m sure she will be all right. She has taken care of herself all these years.”

“Dad, we need to take cover,” Hema said. “We do not need to lose anyone else. I know you feel bad right now but if you do not act now and something else happens to one of us, then you will feel worse than you do now. QT would not want you to be like this, to put everyone else at risk.”

David nodded, “You’re right, we need to take care of those that we can right now. They both would want that.” David’s fist hit the door of his car. David got up and started helping everyone get behind the vehicle. He yelled out to those near the building that they needed to get away.

David was moving behind the car to get himself under cover.

The sound was deafening to David’s ears. The heat brushed his skin. The blast wave knocked him off his feet.