More Questions Than Answers

David was in the screening room. There were new files up on the large screen on the wall. David and QT had taken the files when the agency’s computer had restarted when the power came back on. There was still a ton of files to go through.

“We are no closer to finding out why they took her. The files that we have looked at so far have told us nothing. It also seems that we now have more questions than answers,” David said.

“I will keep scanning and cross-referencing the files. David, Cassandra is awake now. It appears that she is having some trouble with the house. It seems that she does not fully understand what a smart house is.”

“Why did we bring her here again?”

“You saw the e-mails that said that they needed to bring her in. You sent Alex to follow her for a while. Then they took her and you were going to do nothing. Then you saw that they were going to try and get the information out of her. You only seemed to spring into action when you saw that they were fairly sure that she would die while they were trying to get the information out of her.”

“What if she does not fit in here? What are we going to do with her? The moment we let her go they will be able to track her again. She is only invisible here with us.”

“That is true,” QT replied, “she will be joining you for lunch. Do you think that you might have feelings for her?”

David ran his hands through his short dark brown hair. He blinked his dark brown eyes; they had gotten dry in the room. QT knew better than to say something like that.

“I do not believe so. There is something familiar about her; I am just not sure what it is.”

“Maybe an ex-girlfriend?” QT questioned.

David frowned at QT, “You know better than that.”

“That was not sarcasm? I thought that is what it was called. Cassandra will be in the kitchen soon. I just gave her directions on how to get there.”

David thought that QT still needed some work in that area. Sometimes she still seemed to have trouble with the timing and the emotions.

“You do know that I have never had a girlfriend. You know that I have not been around an adult woman in a long time,” David replied.

“David, Cassandra says that her medication is not here. She says that she will need it at some point but she will be fine for a while. I said that I would mention it to you. I also said that she should talk to you about what she needs. I am not sure what she needs and how we would even get it.”

“Do you think that you could find her medical files and her MIB report? That would help us to know what she needs. There should be information on what she needs for a prescription.”

“I should have it for you in a few hours.”


“David, I think you need to get into the kitchen. There seems to be a problem.”