“QT, can you bring up the lights,” David said. “Alex, can you bring a glass of water and a chair. I need it quick.”

Cassandra was fully sitting on the floor, quiet sobbing could be heard. Her hand was still in front of her mouth to help keep them down. The lights in the room came on. Because of the depth of the room there were actual lights in the ceiling.

“Right away, sir,” Alex replied. “I will be there in a few minutes with the requested items. Is there anything else that you need, sir?”

“We should be fine, Cassandra just collapsed from shock. She should be fine in a little bit,” David replied. David did not know what else to say to her. “QT, can you remove the images from the screen please?”

The screen went dark.

Alex walked into the room, followed by Hema. Alex set the chair down next to David. He handed the glass of water to him.

“Alex, can you help her up and into the chair.”

Alex nodded. He scooped Cassandra up from the floor. It was as easy as the night before. He set her down in the chair. Cassandra looked up and screamed.

“What is it? Why is it touching me?” Cassandra scrambled out of the chair and backed as far away from Alex as the room would let her.

“Cassandra, this is Alex,” David moved to the side, “and this is my daughter Hema. They live here with me.”

Cassandra kept looking from the see through giant with no clothes on to the young woman with black hair, pale skin, and a black bikini on.

“What is he? Why can I see through him? Why is he not wearing any clothes?” Cassandra stated.

“Alex prefers it this way; it cuts down on his energy consumption. If he puts color in his skin, makes cloths, and generates hair then he will need to recharge sooner. When he is out he will do that but generally around the house he will not, there has been no need for it.”

“It just seems wrong. Doesn’t it offend your daughter?”

Hema shrugged. “Not really, I know that he needs to conserve power. It seems strange to see him wearing clothes actually, even having skin color.”

“Do I offend you that much, ma’am?” Alex asked.

“I do not think it is that. I just saw my life flash before my eyes. I guess I did not expect to see something like you. You do not seem like a regular robot. You do not even sound like a robot,” Cassandra commented.

“That is because I am not a robot, ma’am. I am what is called artificial intelligence. I am more than a robot. If it offends you that much, then I can generate clothing. I will just need more time outside to recharge.”

“You generate your own clothing? What do you do about the skin color?”

“I also do that as well. Would you like to see?”

“I guess I would,” Cassandra said as she stepped closer to Alex. She saw that inside of Alex was a frame. A metal form of a body, where bones in a human would be. There was a thick substance surrounding the metal. It gave him the body shape of a human. When she got close she could see that there were specks inside the skin. “What are the specks in what might be considered your skin?”

“They are small solar cells. When I am outside like I was when David called they charge me up. I am all solar powered. When I want to generate skin, hair and clothing they send out the energy that causes the cells of the skin to color. I can make myself into anything that I want.”

Cassandra look puzzled.

“Let me show you,” Alex said. He held his arm out to Cassandra. The clear skin of his hand began to change to a pale skin color. It looked like mannequin’s skin and then other colors started to show up. There was red and blue mottling to show blood under the skin. Short fingernails protruded from the fingertips and there were wrinkles around the joints. Cassandra gasped.

The coloring flowed up from the wrist a little way. Then the skin started to raise and take on a patterned look of something cotton, the skin became a steel blue color.

“Wow!” Cassandra was stunned and hypnotized. Alex smiled.

“I was saying that I could become anything that I wanted. Here is what I mean.”

The color of the skin started to darken. The skin was now almost black. He turned his hand over and the palm was a lighter color than the top.

“It looks so real. It is a fabulous trick. I suppose that you can change at will and hide in plain sight.”

Alex nodded, “Yes, except for height I can change anything I want and look like anyone I want.”