“Alright, onto to the next phase,” QT said. The light coming down from the table changed to a different color. “The light now will not harm you. We will be scanning faster than the pictures.”

“Ok, what do I need to do?” Cassandra asked.

“I can scan as you turn the pages. Because I want to get as much detail as I can I will tell you when to turn the page. Do the pages in the notebooks lay flat or will the binding prevent it?”

“The binding will prevent it, but he did not write too far out in to the margin so I can hold it open.”

“Good, can you place the first one on the table?”

Cassandra placed the first of two notebooks under the light. She held it open as far as she dare. She could see her brother’s handwriting scrawled in the notebook. The numbers and the symbols filled the page.

“Ok, you can turn the page. You can count to five and then turn to the next page. That is all you need to do. You can start whenever you are ready.”

Cassandra turned the page.