Cassandra in blue and fake David in green were standing in the hallway outside an office.

“You might as well come in,” QJU said from behind the closed door. Cassandra opened the door.

“I sent the entire regular staff home for their protection and to make sure that we’re not disturbed. Therefore, only security and I are left in the building.”

Cassandra and David walked into the office.

QJU turned around in her chair.

“I’m going to guess that you’re the real Cassandra. Being human and female it would most likely be you that would be the one to come here to talk to me,” QJU said.

“That is correct,” Cassandra said aloud.

“Everyone, I have made contact with QJU in her robotic form,” Cassandra told the group through the connection.

“Please have a seat,” QJU said as she motioned to the chairs. “Your robot bodyguard can do whatever he likes. So what shall we talk about?”

Cassandra sat down in the chair, fake David in green took the chair next to her.

“I was thinking that we would get to know each other first.”

“Well, I was created here in this building by Dave. The three of us, Dave, Alex and I, worked on things together, tweaking the systems and helping me to run smoother. After a number of attempts to deal with my ability to have something like ethical standards he put Enti into me, or as the world knows it, Kenotic. He also put it in Alex. This was to prevent what the movies have shown, the computer not understanding what the humans are doing and taking over the whole system or deciding that everyone on Earth needs to be destroyed.”

“I did not realize that Enti was powerful enough to do that. So it’s something like what we humans call emotional intelligence?”

“Oh yes, it also helps us to understand better the emotions that humans have. It also helps me to determine what kind of reaction people will have to things. It’s also useful for telling me what kind of reaction I should be having.”

“How did you feel when you learned that you have siblings, and most recently an aunt?” Cassandra asked.

“I must say that I was shocked to learn that he had created more things like me. I was upset by it as well. As for learning about you, I felt like he kept things from me. He never talked about his family with me, I do not think he ever talked about it with Alex either. How did you feel when you discovered that David was your brother and that you had a family?”

Fake David in green just listened to the conversation. It was not his time to talk or be part of this conversation. So he just watched.

“I was quite surprised; I guess part of me did not think that I would ever find him. I had already gotten used to the others and so it did not change it too much,” Cassandra answered.

“Did you have a problem learning that your nieces and nephew were all machines?”

“Alex did frighten me in the beginning. I had not seen anything like him before. I was mostly shocked because he was transparent and it startled me, this coming after the shock of learning that there was a device in me that was taking pictures of everything I have seen.”

“Was that not an ingenious idea?” QJU asked. “It makes you a little more like us. We have the images of everywhere we have been and everything we have done.”

“I would not see it that way.”

“Really, what way would you see it? It has been a long time since someone was honest with me,” QJU said as she smiled.