Pink and White

Cassandra in pink and David in white were slowly making their way to the stairwell that they needed.

There was nothing but guards in the direction they were going.

“QJU must have thought that we would take the quickest route to her,” QT said. “That probably means that it will be a fight the whole way.”

David in white moved just as a bullet went past him.

There was a thumping sound coming in their direction.

Cassandra saw the small, oblong item rolling towards them.

The hallway filled with smoke.

“Dave, what do you think you will accomplish?” QJU’s voice came over the radio. “All this running around will get you nowhere.”

David and Cassandra waited for the smoke to lessen before they moved again.

David knew the way tat he needed to take without looking.

“Answering her won’t help us,” David said over the communication device. “She is just trying to get us to reveal ourselves, so please do not listen to her. We all need to keep moving.”

Cassandra and David fired on any motion they saw in the smoke.

The pools of blood were starting to run together.

David’s body jerked, he looked down to see a hole in his left shoulder. David leaned back against the wall.

Another oblong metal object rolled around the corner.

The light coming from the object washed out everything.