Dial tone filled the screen room.

“QT, call the police and inform them that someone has been shot and give them the location. Tell them to hurry,” David said.

“I am calling the police right now.”

“Send them the last part of the audio recording. We can help, but we need to keep the Agency information out of it. We do not need to put any more lives at risk.”

“Ok, should we start fortifying the place? Last time we lost her. I am afraid of what will happen to you if we lose someone else.”

“Was I that hard to deal with after we lost Darla?”

“You locked yourself away from everyone for about a month. Remember Alex was bringing you your meals and we were threatening to force feed you if you did not eat enough.”

David tried to recall his memories from that time period. Losing Darla had been hard on him.

“You also neglected the boy for many months after that. He wanted to be around you and you did not seem to want him around,” QT said.

David did remember that, he sometimes did worry that he was the reason the boy did not talk and that he hid all the time.

“Well, maybe we should have a family meeting and get everyone’s vote. Tell Alex to get the boy and come here. Also, let Hema know as well,” David said.

“Hema is not here right now. She left about an hour and a half ago.”

“What! She knows that she not supposed to leave. Can you pinpoint her location?”

“At this point, I am unable to tell where she is,” QT said.

David’s fist hit the table he paced around the room. “Everything she does lately is to annoy me. The way she dresses, and the places that she goes.”

“Is that not what you wanted her to do though? Test her limits and her boundaries?”

“We are now in crisis, and she is still going out, putting us at risk.”

“David, she is the only one right now who has been challenging you directly. We all have been trying to get you not to be so complacent. You have been feeling so guilty for everything and you keep it all locked up.”

“So I have just been sitting on my ass and doing nothing, hum? Is that what you all, my family, think?”

“David, that is not what your family thinks. What about Cassandra?” QT asked.

“What about Cassandra? What does she have to do with this?”

“You said that she was family a number of times. I am sure that she does not think the worse of you.”

“That is because she does not know what I have done.”

“Also, since you said that she was family, she should be in the meeting that you are calling.”

“I only said she was family so that she would be safe. If Alex knows that she is family, then he will protect her,” David said. “But I guess since she is involved in all of this then she has a right to have her input about all of this. Tell her that she is invited to the meeting.”

“I will tell her when she gets back; she is currently not on the grounds.”

“What! Why did not you tell me that she left? Where is she? Did the Agency sneak in and take her?”

“You did not tell me to tell you when she left. She is with Hema if that makes a difference.”

David frowned even harder.