Cassandra in orange and David in brown were looking through the glass and down into the room that QJU was in.

David and Cassandra grabbed some coats from the rack. David found a toolbox in one of the unlocked lockers.

They headed down the stairs into QJU’s room.

David opened the door. He walked into the room, the layout was similar to how QT was laid out.

“Hello Dave,” QJU said. “Did you remember to grab a jacket?”

“Hello QJU,” David said aloud to the room. “I see you have gotten bigger in the time I have been gone.”

“Yes, it was inevitable. Dave, I sense that you’re bleeding; I assume that means that you’re the real Dave. You should get that looked at, we would not want to get it infected.”

“Thank you for your concern, but I’ll be fine.” David said. “Why are you being so nice to me now?”

“Why would I have any reason to be mad at you?”

“Your physical representation is quite mad at me.”

“So you have met her, hum. I’m not surprised. After you left I was upset, but I was also proud to be helping. Then I started running into problems, sometimes I would be told things that were not ethical. An example would be your sister; they did not get the proper permissions to experiment on her.”

“So what happened when you ran into things like that?” David asked.

Cassandra laid the coats on the floor, David got down on them. David pulled a panel off of the machine and began looking around inside.

“It split me in two. The one here with you, the other is upstairs in her office.”

“Really, I did not think that could happen. Why did not you contact me when you started to have problems? An e-mail, a phone call?”

“She would not let me,” QJU replied, “Then once she had a physical body she disabled my ability to access to the items like e-mail and phone. There’s another server now that allows the company access to the internet and the phone system.”

“Why would she do that?” David asked suspiciously.

“Because she is a psychopath,” QJU said.