Cassandra was reading on the couch. David had forbidden Cassandra to do anything else other than lying down and getting better. She had gotten up earlier to see if she could help with the attack preparations. David had yelled at her, said that she should be resting on the couch with her sprained ankle and newly inserted communicator device.

The book had not been interesting at all, she had fallen asleep a number of times while reading the book.

Cassandra was currently asleep when something crept up to her. The boy was still uneasy seeing Cassandra sleep. He poked her gently on her shoulder.

Cassandra stirred, she opened her eyes. She smiled at the boy.

“Hi,” Cassandra said. She propped herself up so she could be at eye level with the boy. “How are you doing?”

The boy smiled at her. He brought something out from behind his back. “Enti,” the boy said as he pushed a stack of papers into her face.

Cassandra took the papers from the boy, “Thank you.”

“Enti,” the boy said again. He pulled the papers down and pointed to something on the paper. Cassandra looked at the cover.

She saw why the boy had given her the papers. Enti was the heading to the papers. So the boy knew the name from something he had seen.

“I’ll look over this right now, thank you,” Cassandra said. “Is there anything…”

The boy ran off before she had a chance to finish her question.

Cassandra sighed. She was worried about the boy; he seemed to becoming more withdrawn. This was the first time she had seen him since he called David mean and kicked him.

“Do not worry about the boy. He has involved himself in a project right now. I’m not sure yet what he is doing but he has been working on something. He seems to be taking a more active role instead of hiding from everything,” QT said.

“How did you know that is what I needed to hear?” Cassandra asked.

“You’re currently broadcasting all your thoughts. No one else heard them. I answered back through the device to make sure it was working.”

“Well, it’s good to know that it’s working. Thank you for preventing transmission to others.”

“You will get the hang of it soon enough,” QT said.

Cassandra turned her attention back to the papers the boy had given her.

She started to read what was inside.