Cassandra and the others had been outside since the first rays of the sun had come up. Hema was still in healing and recharging mode, so that meant that she was showing off her clear skin with the flecks in it.

The boy was still asleep in the chair next to Cassandra. He had not even stirred when Alex had picked him up.

David brought out a plate of food and handed it to Cassandra. He sat down in the chair next to her.

“Thank you,” Cassandra said.

“We need to recharge as well.”

Alex came outside and took the last open chair.

“I thought you said that the glass was broken?” Cassandra tipped her head back towards the patio door.

“It was, the glass has been repairing itself,” David said. “It is like the glass in the car. It is self-repairing, the larger glass shards were picked up and put into a liquid, they were dissolved and the liquid was poured onto the glass fragments and electrified. That made the glass repair itself faster.”

Cassandra looked down at the empty plate. She did not realize that she had eaten everything already. She set the plate on the ground next to the chair.

“Alex, can you wake up the boy. We need to have a family discussion,” David said.

Alex went over to the boy. He sat down next to him. He rubbed the back of the boy’s neck. The boy stretched out and opened his eyes. He saw Alex and started to back away from him. There was a collective gasp as the boy fell out of the chair and onto the concrete. Everyone got up and gathered around the boy.

The boy saw everyone looking over him and clamored over to Cassandra. She picked him up and set him in her lap. He appeared to be unharmed, he settled into her lap. Cassandra’s arms went around him to keep him from falling again.

David was upset.

“All right, we need to devise a plan. We need a plan to get in and stop the Agency. The plan is that we need to stop the computer. She is the heart of the whole system. QJU needs to be stopped,” David said.

“Are you going to be ok with that, sir? You created her, she was your first. Are you not going to be upset about killing her?” Alex asked.

“It will bother me. The thought of getting rid of her hurts me. She has gone bad, influenced by her owners. We need to get her back, an intervention, tough love.”

“Are you serious?” Hema asked.

“Well, we have to do something. The main item of the Agency is the computer. We stop the computer and stop the Agency.”

“So you are basically saying that you want to go in and stop the Agency?” Cassandra asked.

David nodded, “That is basically what I am saying.”

The group sat in silence.         

“Well, are there any ideas on where to start?” David asked.

“Have we looked into the pills that we brought back? Is there anything strange about them?” Hema asked.

“What pills? What are you talking about?” David asked.

“We were out getting the pills. That is what we were doing together last night.”

“You put us at risk by going to get the pills? What if they followed you? Did you think about that?”

“There was only the one person watching the place and he did not see anything after he went to sleep,” Hema replied. “I took a different route home. I took turns that I should not have to take. We were not followed.”

“I did not know anything about this. Why would we have any results yet?”

“I ran everything last night. I have not had a chance to look at the results yet. QT should have them.”

“QT, is this true? Do you have the results of the tests?”

“I do, I was doing some other research because of some strange things,” QT said.

“Strange about the pills?” Cassandra asked.

“Yes, there were a number of strange items. First, the pills had no identifying marks. All pills are marked so that they can be identified, a combination of letters and numbers. They tell you the name of the pill and the dosage. Your pills have none of the identifying marks.” QT said.

“You said that there was more than one strange thing,” David said.

“Yes, the pill did contain the thyroid hormone in a dosage similar to what would be found in a regular prescription,” QT said.

“So that means that I did need to take the pills, I do not have a functioning thyroid,” Cassandra responded.

“That would be correct; it falls in line with what George told us.”

“What did George tell you?” Cassandra asked as she turned to look at David.

David put his finger over his lips.

“The pill also contains the standard material you would find in a pill. The oddity comes when you look at the non-regular items. The materials that are in the pill are the same materials used by the bio-storage device. These are items not found naturally in the body. However, the chemical composition matches up to the items George said were in the bio-storage device.”