The air quivered from the exchange of matter and the differences in air temperature. There is a big difference between air alone and the mass of a human. The man did not stagger when he materialized. It was hard to know if there was any sound generated from the teleportation. The woman was still asleep on the bed.

“David are you alright? The system over here shows that the teleportation was successful.” A woman’s voice came over the ear piece.

“I am here,” he replied, “for the first test of the teleportation system it was different. I am not sure I would want to do it again so soon.”

“I am glad to hear that David. Did you land roughly in the vicinity of the target area?”

“It appears so. She is here in a cot. It looks like she is still asleep. I did not think to bring any drugs to counteract theirs. I assumed that she would be awake, though it might be easier this way.” He pulled out a syringe and walked over to the woman. He stuck the needle into her and injected the liquid it contained. “Deployment of the limiting agent to defuse temporarily the tracking nanobots has been done. Is everyone ready?”

“I will be at your location in the vehicle in less that five min, sir.” Alex’s voice came over the headset.

“I am ready to cut the power to the surrounding area, David,” QT replied.

“Hema, are you watching the camera system?” David asked.

“I am, dad. Do not worry. I can see you on the cameras. But there is no sign in the system that you are giving off a tracking signal. It appears that you have not been noticed yet.”

“Thanks, looks like we are a go.”

David started to shake the woman. “Cassandra, I need you to wake up. We have to get you out of here.”

The woman stirred. “What,” she said sleepily. “Who are you? Where am I? How do you know my name?”

“I am David. We do not have much time. You are in a government facility and you need to wake up. I am here to break you out.”

“What? Why does my arm hurt?” She rubbed the spot where David had injected her.

“Your arm hurts because I injected you with nanobots that will temporarily stop them from tracking you once we leave the building. We have to make sure that we are not followed.”

“What if I do not want to go with you?”

“I know it is cliché but you need to come with me if you want to live. They are unsure of whether or not you will die when they try to get the information that you know.”

Cassandra yawned. Her eyes closed heavily. David shook her again.

“Ok, QT, I think we are close to being ready.”

“I am not your cutie,” Cassandra responded.

“Roger, David, beginning the countdown.”

“I know you are not my cutie. I was talking to the computer, here name is QT. Here is an earpiece. If we get separated, then she will be able to get you outside. Alex will be waiting for us outside in the car. It is important that you get out of here. Cassandra, we need to get you up. You still look like you will be falling asleep.”

David helped her up and got her closer to the door. The movement helped to wake her up some.

“Plan commencing in two minutes, everyone ready?” QT said.

“I think we are ready here. QT you have our bio signals?” David asked.

“I am ready to help you. There are currently no guards near you. The way out still seems to be clear. I am not seeing any bio signs there.”

“Are you going to be able to get the intrusion program inside before the system goes down? We will need to get more information about Cassandra and why they wanted her. It seems that they are involved in other things that we had no clue about. How many other people are they using like this?’

“What are you talking about?” Cassandra asked.

“One minute,” QT stated.

“I will tell you once we get out of here. Right now, it is more important to get you safely out of this facility.”

“Thirty Seconds,” QT counted down.

“How did you even know where I was?”

“Ten seconds.”

David grabbed Cassandra’s hand. He came here to rescue her.

“Five seconds.”

David was not going to lose her right from the get go. He was hoping that the adrenaline rush because of the lights going out would help her to stay awake. He did not want to entertain the thought that he might need to carry her out. If Alex had been here, then it would have been no problem for him to carry her.


The lights went out in the room. The lack of windows made it completely dark. Cassandra gasped and squeezed his hand.

He heard the door click. It had worked, with the power out the locks on the door were released. He was hoping that he would not need to hotwire the electronic lock. He was sure that they had changed it since the last time he had been there.

David pushed open the door. The emergency lights kicked on. The white hallway was covered in a pale, bluish light. There was no one in the hallway.

David pulled Cassandra into the hallway.

“David, I can see that you both have entered the hallway. The path currently looks clear,” QT said.

“Ok, we need to rush now. Remember, she will be directing you if we get separated.”

They tried to be quiet as they swiftly moved down the hallway. David stopped and peered around the corner. It was still clear. He assumed that they would soon send people to check up on their prisoner.

They turned the corner and swiftly moved down that hallway. They checked before going around the corners. They slowly crept downstairs.

“David, I see that there are guards, now, in the entryway of the building. There are also some people who will soon be at the cell. They will know in about two minutes that she is missing. I suggest you hurry. The back up way out still seems to be clear.”

“I have arrived at the designated location, sir. Do I need to proceed to the backup location?” Alex asked.

“At this point I think we still go with the regular plan. Is there anything that you can do to get the people out of the lobby? We are less than two minuets away. It will be close enough that we might be able to get out without them knowing. I would prefer that. I did not bring a weapon with me,” David said.

“A weapon, so they will really be trying to kill us?” Cassandra whispered.

“I am sorry, honey, that is the reality of it,” QT replied.

“That is what I am trying to avoid,” David responded.

“David, I have an idea. It looks that you might be able to hide out of sight for a moment in the lobby. When the alarm sounds, then enough of them might leave the lobby for you to be able to get out without too much trouble. There are currently ten people in the lobby,” QT suggested.

“I think I know the place that you are talking about. We can be there in about a min, how is the timing with the discovery of her missing?”

“It looks like they will be delayed by forty-five point three seconds. Will that give you enough time? I estimate that the power will be back on in approximately one minute thirty two point five six seconds. How much time do you estimate that you will need?”

“We will need another minute to get to the hiding place. Will need to go silent for a little bit. We are close to the guards; we will need to be silent.” David scooted his feet across the floor. They were close enough to the guards that any sound would be heard and draw unwanted attention. The guards would not hesitate to fire. Cassandra was mostly awake, the movement and the tension was helping to get her blood flowing.

David still had hold of her hand. She had been following him blindly. She for some reason trusted him. She was not sure what it was about him.

“I can see that you both are in position. You do not need to respond. It will be about twenty seconds before they discover that she is missing. Everyone get ready.”

The walkie-talkies all sounded at near the same time. The discovery happened. Cassandra squeezed David’s hand. He glanced at her and smiled. He knew that things would be ok. There was a commotion in the lobby. They were figuring out what to do. QT would only be able to tell him how many people were in the lobby but not the direction that they were facing. They still needed to get out of here and that would take him looking to see if it was safe.

“We are now down to five in the lobby. Power will be fully restored in about thirty seconds. It is possible that the computer will be able to see you on the monitors and alert everyone. This seems about as good a time as any. The tracking bots all seem to be disabled in Cassandra. I cannot see her at this point in time. It is possible that the building is blocking some of the signals,” QT said over the communication system.

David peered around the corner. The guards were all gathered in a group. It was now or never. David nodded to Cassandra. “It is time, you ready?”

Cassandra nodded.

“I am ready, sir.” Alex responded.

“We are ready here dad.” Hema replied.

“Go,” David took off dragging Cassandra behind him. She stumbled in her first few steps. Then she caught up and she was at the same pace with him. The sound filled the high ceiling of the lobby.

“Stop there!” a guard shouted. “Stop or we will shoot.”

David and Cassandra sprinted for the closest door. They heard the shots and the shattering of marble. The shots were close.

The glass on the doors in front of them fell to the ground.

“We have them. They are here in the lobby. We need backup.”

There was a pause in the gun shots as the guards reloaded. David jumped through the door in front of him now that the glass was gone. Cassandra stumbled through and fell to the ground. David helped her up. There were pieces of glass embedded in her legs. They did not look too deep. The blood was already seeping from the wounds.

Alex ran up and picked her up as if she were as light as a feather.

“Go, sir I have her.” Alex shouted.

David ran ahead and opened the door. The shots resumed. David got into the car. Alex gently set Cassandra down on the seat next to David.

The guards were close. “Get down,” David said as he grabbed Cassandra’s head and pulled her down towards him. He leaned over her to shield her.

David felt a sting in his shoulder. The glass of the far side of the car cracked. The door closed and Alex got behind the wheel.

“Alex, go as fast as you can. Switch signals when appropriate to help keep us hidden.”

“Right, sir,” Alex replied. The car surged forward, faster and faster, the speed approaching nearly 100 miles per hour. This speed was no problem for Alex to keep control of the car. He could go faster if necessary, but there did not appear to be anyone following them at this point in time. He was switching the car’s signal so that the agency’s computer would have trouble following them. After a moment David sat up. He looked at his left shoulder. The grey shirt was ripped and there was a little blood seeping from the scrape he got from the bullet.

“Everything alright, sir?” Alex asked.

“Fine, Alex, it is just a flesh wound. Nothing big, I will be fine till we get home.” David looked down at the woman, her head in his lap. “Cassandra, it is alright. You can get up now.” Cassandra did not respond. David figured she had already fallen asleep. It had been a long time since he was around a woman. What was he going to do with her now that he had rescued her? He put a hand on her head and stroked her hair. She had been more beautiful than the picture had lead him to believe. There was something familiar about her; at this point he could not figure it out.

“We should be home in about two hours, sir. Is the lady alright? She has not moved yet,” Alex said.

“She is fine. It appears she is already asleep again. I am glad that she lasted as long as she did.”

David looked out of the cracked window and watched the city lights going by. As they passed under the streetlights he could see the glass repairing. It was nice to know that the nanobots were working and that soon the glass would be back to normal, unlike his life. He had finally made a move against the agency. He had taken her from them. He did not have the full picture of why they wanted her, but he would need to know what other things they were up to. David went back to looking at the lights of the city; they would soon make way to the darkness of the rural areas.