“So what caused the countdown to slow down?” Cassandra asked.

“QT was the cause of that. The countdown was part of the computer system. QT was able to overload the system and slow it down. It gave everyone a few more seconds,” David said.

“Lucky for me.”

David nodded.

“What will happen to QJU’s physical body? Was she just QJU and playing both sides or was it really a separate QJU?” Cassandra asked. “Will we be able to start her up again?”

“That I do not know yet. We will need to get her back to the house before we will know for sure. We will take all precautions in seeing if there’s anything we can do for her.”

“This is not your fault. You could not have anticipated that this would happen to her,” Cassandra said as she put her hand over David’s.

“How did you find me?” Cassandra asked.

“I found you before the building fell. We just managed to get far enough away before the building collapsed,” Alex said.

“What did I hit? I’m surprised that I’m not worse off, broken bones or something like that.”

David started to laugh.

“I’m glad you find it funny.”

David had to stop and catch his breath. “You managed to land in the only pile of dirt on the property. They were redoing the landscape back there and had piles of soil, equipment, trees, boards and a couple stacks of bricks.”

Cassandra looked at Alex. Alex nodded.

“You were buried in the pile of dirt. I pulled you out and got you breathing. You started coughing out dirt. Then the building started to make noise. The metal was straining. I grabbed you and ran. I was concerned that I might injure you more. If you had damage to your head or neck, then I could have made it worse, but the building was going to fall. I needed to get you out of there.”

“Thank you,” Cassandra said.

“I ran down to the van with you. The boy had loaded Hema’s bike into the back. He was waiting for me. We managed to get out just in time.”

Cassandra looked at David. “Are you going to be alright?”

“Yes, it’s just a few cuts from when I was thrown to the ground from the blast. I was over by the car with everyone. We had been facing the building waiting for you before Alex said we should take cover. In addition, as you can tell, I can hear again. I could not hear anything for a while.”

“I’m glad,” Cassandra said as she squeezed her brother’s hand. “Alex, how did you know where to find me? You said I was buried in a pile of dirt.”

Alex nodded.

“Cassandra, can you hear me?” QT said to Cassandra.

“QT, I’m glad to hear your voice.” Cassandra said through the device.

“I’m glad that I was able to get your communication device working again. David thinks that it might have gotten damaged when physical QJU was being destroyed and you pulled the link of your skin”

“I thought you were destroyed when your physical body was destroyed,” Cassandra said.

“It was close; I was having trouble closing the connection when I threw my body into the computer. The electricity levels were causing interference.”

“So that is what caused the computer to slow down the countdown?”

“It shut down a good portion of the computer. What slowed the count down is I told QJU a number of my new jokes. She was having trouble understanding them and used up her power to try and solve the problems,” QT said.

“She wanted to share them with us earlier but we told her to wait until she could tell us all at once.”

“First, I need to know how Alex knew where to find me?” Cassandra said as she looked at Alex.

“I told him where to find you,” QT said. “The tagging signals for both of you came back just as the blast was happening. Since I know both of your signals, I was able to search for you after the blast.”

“If QJU went down, then how were you able to do that?” Cassandra asked.

“That is my secret,” QT said.

“I did not realize that you could have secrets.”

“I have many.”

Cassandra smiled, “David, you have created a monster.”

David laughed.

“Can I tell you the jokes now?” QT asked. “The ones I used to slow the computer down.”

“Sure, tell me how you saved my life,” Cassandra said.

“How do atoms decide what element they become?” QT asked.

The boy shook his head.

“They have electrons.”

David smiled.

“Ok, what hip-hop artist do atoms hire for parties?”

“Atoms have hip-hop artists?” Hema asked.

“E=mc squared,” QT responded.

Cassandra started laughing. “I like that one,” Cassandra said.

“What do atoms eat during craft time in kindergarten?” QT asked.

“What do atoms eat?” David asked.

“Gluon,” QT responded.

David started to chuckle.

“Why did Uranium brush his teeth?” QT said.

“Where would his teeth be?” the boy asked.

“To prevent decay.”

Cassandra and David both were laughing.

“How many more of these are there QT?” Alex asked.

“There’s just one more. It’s the one that really got QJU.

“All right, lets hear it,” Alex said.

“An Electron-neutrino, Muon-neutrino and a Tau-neutrino walk into a bar.”

The End