David was pacing around the room. “Have you heard anything from the police yet?”

“I have not seen anything cross the system.”

David sighed.

“I am getting e-mails from George. It appears that they were stuck in the server system because of the size of each. It looks like he sent all the data to us.”

“What good is the data if he is not here? I am not the nano-biologist. He was the only one that would have been able to help us.”

“He might not be dead. Maybe they were just trying to scare him,” QT said.

“How can you even think that he might not be dead?”

“We do not know for sure that he is dead; there has been no report that he is.”

“So, I guess that this is like Schrödinger’s cat,” David said.

“Just like the thought experiment.”

David paced the room again.

“I just finished the search of the DNAprint. We did get a close match. At this point I do not know who it belongs to, but a family member does work for the Agency.”

“So, she is a plant. I knew it.”

“That still does not mean that the Agency did not experiment on her.”

“It means that they set me up to get someone in here so that they can record what we look like, the layout of the house, everything about us.”

“I still think that you might be jumping to conclusions. We still do not know who she is related to, it could be an uncle or aunt that she has never seen, or had contact with.”

“She was sent to be our downfall, that is all there is to it.”

“This is not like you; normally you wait for all the data and then think it over some more. What is wrong?”

“I do not know. There is something about her. I can’t stop thinking about her. I feel drawn to her and it is scary. I feel like it is my fault that we are in this mess. If I had been smarter, then I could have prevented all of this.”

“David, you did not know. How could anyone have known?”

“I should have been more careful,” David said.

“There was no way you would have known that she would die.”