Cassandra slid the key into the lock and turned it. She slowly opened the door. Cassandra released a breath that she did not know that she was holding. She realized that she had not given any thought to the possibility they might have rigged the box. She wondered if she had sent out a silent alarm, maybe she had thought that there would be a bomb or something in it.

Cassandra jumped at the sound of something hitting the glass. She turned to see Hema. Hema pointed to her wrist. Cassandra nodded.

She reached in and pulled out the contents of the box. She slid everything into the bag that Hema had given her.

She closed the box and ran out the door. Cassandra glanced to the car, it had not moved.

Cassandra heard a sound on her left. She turned towards it. She could not see anything. She wondered where Hema had gone?

Cassandra heard the sound again. She looked around for where the sound was coming from.

“Hema, where are you?” Cassandra shouted.

The sound was getting louder. A shape appeared to her right. It was getting closer.

Cassandra breathed a sigh of relief when Hema pulled up next to her.

Cassandra got on the bike and was putting the helmet on as Hema started to pull away.

“How do you know that the person in the car will not be following us?” Cassandra said into the helmet.

“Trust me; it will be a while before he follows us. Did you get what we came for?”

“I did not open it, but the package was in there,” Cassandra said. “Hema, what did you do to the driver?”

“Let’s just say that he decided to take a nap.”

Cassandra was sure that she could hear a big smile in Hema’s voice.