Fake Cassandra in Pink and fake David in white were still fighting in the hallways. They had made it down the stairs to the floor they needed, but security was right on their tail.

David had been shot a number of times. Cassandra also had a number of holes.

The hallway was empty. It was a surprise. David and Cassandra had expected more resistance on this floor. The security guards were still after them.

They quickly moved towards the location of the elevator that would take them down to QJU’s room.

David came around the corner. A shot hit David in the abdomen.

Cassandra came around the corner. The guard shrieked.

David’s skin began to lose its color. The guard began screaming.

The guard backed himself up to a wall. He grabbed his knees and pulled them tight to his chest. He closed his eyes against the monster in the room.

The skin on David became clear with reflective qualities when he moved.

The color on Cassandra’s skin began to fade as well.

“Are you damaged?” Hema asked aloud.

“I’m, there’s only damage to the bio skin. That lost shot came real close to my systems. I have now sustained enough damage that I can’t keep generating my skin color,” Alex said.

“I know I’m close as well, we need to keep our energy, we do not know how much longer this will go on.”

The security guard was still trying to hide against the wall. He made a whimpering sound as Hema came near him.

“Where is the key to make the elevator go down?” Hema asked.

The guard pointed to the body of his dead partner. The guard’s arm was shaking.

“Is that the second key?” Alex asked. “I’m assuming that the other group was already here and took the first key?”

The security guard nodded.

Hema reached over and took the key from the body of the second guard.

“Please, do not kill me,” the guard said.

“We do not want to kill you,” Hema replied. “If you do not make a move towards us then we will leave you alone.”

The guard put his head down between his knees; he was softly crying.