Cassandra could not hear anything, except the noise of the machine. David, Alex and George were in a different area.

Cassandra was left alone with her thoughts.

David was the first person in a long time that she liked. He seemed to be caring; he did have a family after all. Though she did wonder why he had chosen to live alone with them. She did understand the need to stay off the grid, keep a low profile. If the Agency can tag people without their knowledge, then they are probably capable of anything. David said that she was proof that they were doing other things as well. The first day had been a whirlwind; she wondered what tomorrow would be like.


* * * *


David was watching the images coming up on the screen from the scanner. George had not seen anything out of the ordinary. He was doing a full body scan then he was going to take a closer look at the optical area.

“Is there anything that I should know about? It seemed like there was something that you wanted to tell me when we were in the room with her.”

“I was hoping that you could run a DNAprint on her. I have a strange feeling about her and I have a suspicion that she might be a plant. I know that it will put me at risk of being found out, but I feel I need to check,” David said.

“Exact match, or close match?” George asked.

“Close will be fine. If there is someone at the Agency she is related to then she might be a plant.”

“Is it possible that you are just being paranoid? Maybe they will leave you alone; you have done nothing to expose them.”

“I have been stealing files from them, monitoring what they are doing. Then I went and took her from them. I would expect them to retaliate at some point.”

“Why did you save her in the first place? What is it about her?”

“We saw that she might die when they tried to get the information she knows from her. That made me curious as to what else they were doing other than tagging people. So I went in to rescue her.”

“You jumped right in and rescued her? How noble of you. I would not be surprised if she would be grateful to you for rescuing her.”

“That is not why I did it. If they are experimenting on her, then they are probably doing the same to other people. I need to know what they are doing. QT has not made any progress in all the new information that she has collected. There has been no mention about Cassandra specifically, but if we had some idea…” David said.

“Well, I think we have something.”

David and Alex both came over to the screen.

“You said that she no longer has a thyroid, right?” George asked.

“Yes, she said she doesn’t and that is also what the medical files show.”

“Well, she has a thyroid.”

“So that means she is a spy for the Agency.”

“I do not think that this proves it. You did say that she has a scar where she would have had surgery, right? I can look and see if it is real, rather than just a cut to make it look like she has a scar.”

“You can check. But I am not sure if it would help.”

“Well, there are a few other things,” George said, “There is something in her left wrist. It is smaller than the space in her wrist.” George turned on the microphone. “Cassandra, I just want to check your memory. Do you remember the approximate size of the cyst that was removed?”

“Yes, I was told it was about the size of a deflated grape. He said it left a big empty space in my wrist so he moved some of the tissue around it to fill it in,” Cassandra said. “Does that help?”

“It does help, thank you,” George said. He let go of the microphone. “I think it is in her wrist. There is something there. I would like to do a biopsy on both locations so we can see what is there exactly.”

“You said that there were a few other things,” David said.

“There are two spots. There is a spot near the base of her neck it appears to be around her spine. There is also a spot around her heart. I am not sure what they are. I will need to take a closer look at the pictures before I would venture to guess what the spots are.”

“What about her eyes? Is there something attached?”

“I do not see anything unusual, I will be looking at that as well,” George said.


* * * *


Cassandra wondered what was taking so long. She was thinking that it was probably a good thing that she is not claustrophobic. Who was David? She just realized that he was spending more than a million and acting like it was nothing. He has to be more than just a recluse.